The End is Nigh in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ #12

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Superman hit that sound effect so hard it bled!

Superman hit that sound effect so hard it bled!

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Justice is blind, but injustice never had a problem with sneaking a peek. Balance the scales and sneak your own peek at Injustice: Gods Among Us #12, the maxi-series based on the brutal fighting game/fangasm. Now we have made no small noise about our love of that game, or how this title is so, so much better than a pocket universe adaptation of a video game has any right to be, with all credit due to writer Tom Taylor and his rotating cast of top-tier artists. DC didn’t cut corners on this book just because it was out of continuity, and the result is a fun but gripping showcase series that you don’t have to be a loyal fanboy to follow.

Now Taylor’s shutting down (for now) the book that he made great with the art team of Mike S. Miller and Tom Derenick bringing us a final blowout. We’d bet you a sawbuck it gives the Man of Steel sequel serious competition for the best time these two tussled. (Though it’d be far from the first time, as we chronicled in Super-Bromance: the Long History of DC’s Superpower Couple.)

Injustice GAU Cover 12

Hold up…is he going to do a Bane on some bat-spine?


What you can’t see is that off-screen he’s beating up The Kool-Aid Man.


If you don’t listen to your mom, you don’t deserve to call yourself Superman.


And that’s the story of how Batman brought the Super-Soldier Serum to Marvel’s 616 Universe. MY GOSH, IT’S ALL CONNECTED!


…this is pretty grim, not gonna lie. Skip ahead to the next picture if you want a flippant caption.


“Pa! Language!”

Injustice GAU Variant Cover 12

Here, have a variant cover.
And wouldn’t you give your left thumb for a 12-issue series that was just Solomon Grundy and Black Adam pounding the crap out of each other?

Don’t miss what comes next and last in Injustice: Gods Among Us #25!

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Who can say no to the ol' 1-point perspective angle on a pistol?

Who can say no to the ol’ 1-point perspective angle on a pistol?

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