‘Girls and Corpses’ Publisher Robert Rhine

Lots of folks like girls…but corpses? To find both together, grab a copy of Girls and Corpses magazine. Publisher and “Deaditor-In-Chief” Robert Rhine is the driver for this wild ride. As he explains…

Man Cave Daily: The obvious first—-why Girls and Corpses?

Robert Rhine: Horror films have putting Girls and Corpses together since the beginning of celluloid. Dracula is a corpse and he’s always biting the necks of sexy girls, The Mummy, Creature from The Black Lagoon, Nightmare on Elm Street and just about every teen campy horror film has sexy girls being chased around by corpses.

So, Girls and Corpses magazine is a celebration of that film tradition. But we put a crazy spin on it, since the girls are not the victims but rather survivors and all the men are the corpses. Maybe that’s why our female readership is 65%. Girls and Corpses is like that accident you just have to slow down to stare at. It’s about the extremes of life and death. We are, in fact, the first and only comedy magazine about death. But the power is in our title and the extreme difference in those two words, Girls and Corpses.

MCD: What’s the “idea” behind the magazine?

RR: Well…I died when I was ten years old. Really. I had a massive skull fracture and my brain partially came out of my skull. I went to the “other side” and wound up in the hospital for all of fifth grade. My parents were told I was a goners. But I survived, lost vision in one eye for a spell, had my head covered with a plastic sprayed on dome to protect my brain and…I survived. Twenty years, later I wrote a book which was published and sold at major bookstores titled, “My Brain Escapes Me” with an X-Ray of my skull on the cover. So, I think this experience with death led to a fascination with the subject. I continued writing fiction (short stories and anthologies) and sold over 100 stories to magazines and also wrote the comic book series: Selected Readings From Satan’s Powder Room, Chicken Soup For Satan, Satan Gone Wild and a 280-page graphic novel, with 43 of the top horror artists, in the world titled, Satan’s three-Ring Circus of Hell.

Who says girls aren't good with tools?

Who says girls aren’t good with tools?
courtesy of Girls and Corpses

These comic books and graphic noves led me to having a booth at Comic Con for eight years with my friend, comic artist Frank Forte, who has a company called Asylum Press. I would always bring corpses to our booths and girls would constantly ask to have their photos taken with the corpses and I thought, “What’s up with girls and corpses?! And the idea was hatched. I always liked the combination of horror and dark comedy, like my favorite film Shawn of The Dead. I feel horror and comedy co-exist perfectly together, elevating each genre. I also like extremes—-and what is more extreme than a beautiful young girl and a rotting corpse?

Why we all need to learn to cook!

Why we all need to learn to cook!


MCD: Where do you get your ideas?

RR: The unifying themes are death, the extreme and comedy—-think Maxim meets Dawn of The Dead meets MAD. As a writer, I have always been fortunate to have ideas pop right into my skull without having to suffer from writers block. I just simply write articles and do interviews of things and people I’m interested in. I want every page in Girls and Corpses magazine to make you go…WTF!

MCD: We hear that there are REAL corpses in every issue–what is that all about? And why?

RR: Well, you can’t have a magazine about death without showing it. We also publish articles on autopsies, forensics, cremations, funeral homes, crime scene cleanups. We want people to learn about the world of death—-which is a club we will all join one day. When Body Worlds Exhibits started touring the country, I saw that real cadavers could be preserved and used as sculptures—-so why not in a magazine? So, yes, there are real corpses in every issue…we just don’t say which ones. It’s like finding the prize in a Cracker Jack box.

MCD: But the photo shoots are with girls, right?


Girls LOVE shooting with corpses. Yes, I know it’s weird but that’s how Girls and Corpses magazine came about in the first place. Who would have ever figured that about…except maybe me? I am contacted daily by hundreds of girls from all over the world begging…yes, begging…to be in Girls and Corpses magazine. It’s a phenomenon—-but girls do love horror. We have also had celebrities on our covers like: Sheri Moon Zombie, Gilbert Gottfried, Sid Haig, George Romero, Billy Moseley, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Courtney Stodden and our winter issue with Farrah Abraham on the cover. We have never ever had a problem finding models…because they find us.

Seth Green knows his reading material

Seth Green knows his reading materialcourtesy of Girls and Corpses

In the future we will have more celebrities on our covers as we start spreading like a zombie plague around the globe. We also getting in the film business and have more surprises in store–could a reality show be in our future? Girls and Corpses is the future…and the future is death.

Girls and Corpses magazine can be found on newsstands in the U.S., Canada and now worldwide. It’s said to be the most stolen magazine off the newsstands.

Silver-tongued and silver-haired--still going strong at 90.

Silver-tongued and silver-haired–still going strong at 90.

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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