ELITE DAILY: Epic Air Battle in Australia

Considering not much occurs, this story has everything you’d find in major motion picture: an average joe with acerbic wit, a comical fat guy, a ditzy flight attendant, an unblinking face-off, crucifixion in the media, and a face-off with a world champion muay thai fighter.

It all started when Australian writer Rich Wisken booked himself a flight on Jetstar, which you can read about on Elite Daily. Suffice it to say, the flight did not go well for Rich, and he penned a nasty but very funny letter to the airline.

Then the Australian media caught wind of it, and since there’s nothing internet writers love more than content that doesn’t require any research or work, one of them published an article about what a horrible person he was.

Then this Twitter exchange led her to admit her hypocrisy:

Then Wisken wrote ANOTHER funny letter, this time in reply to Morley’s article.

By that point, though, someone had already shown the original letter to Muay Thai world champion John Wayne Parr, who has to walk on tiptoe so that he doesn’t cause earthquakes. The fighter then challenged Wisken…

…to an air-guitar duel. Which sounds safe and friendly, until you realize that when Parr strums the air, the shockwave jellies an entire city block. This is a man who can make mayonnaise by whispering “Egg yolk” to a frightened cup of oil, and boom: sandwich spread whenever you want it. (Note to Australia: if there’s a Vegemite version of that joke that works for you, feel free to substitute it.)

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Brendan found you Syd Wilder Showing Victoria’s Holiday Secret and found everything great in the universe with Our Top Stories of 2013.

Why do we love Syd Wilder? Because she does pratfalls at any opportunity.

Why do we love Syd Wilder? Because she does pratfalls at any opportunity.

Everything is going to be awesome forever! (Photo: Thinkstock)

Everything is going to be awesome forever! (Photo: Thinkstock)

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