Superboy Meets Girl in ‘Superboy #27’

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Sayyyy, THAT was no accident.

Sayyyy, THAT was no accident.

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It’s that old story: Superboy dies, gets replaced by time-traveling son of the man he was cloned from, new Superboy meets girl who’s half demon, Demon-Girl outclasses Superboy in web of intrigue…actually, we’ve never heard of anything like that in our lives. That’s pretty original. Good job, legendary comics writer Marv Wolfman. Joined by artist Andres Guinaldo, you’ve got yourself a pretty nifty read, courtesy of our friends at DC Comics. Check out the exclusive preview below.


In fairness, Hell is responsible for some really passionate love affairs.


Come now, those mountains are plainly white.


“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a clone! It’s attempted murder!”


Not very fast on the uptake for a guy with superspeed in his DNA.


What kind of jerk scientist codenames someone after their disability?


Those are all the things we feel when we pray for Community to be as good as it was in season 1 again.

Don’t miss what comes next and last in Superboy #27!

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If you punch a man and the sound effect is THOOOM, you are a champion, win or lose.

If you punch a man and the sound effect is THOOOM, you are a champion, win or lose.


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