GUY CODE: Fans Who Need to Chill the &#(@ Out

You know what you have to remember about sports? It’s just a game. It’s a game that people take way too seriously because “Yay, sports!” but your team doesn’t love you back. They love your money, and boy do they get piles of it, and that’s when people look at all that cash they think, “Yeah, this is important.”

That’s not to say you shouldn’t root hard and feel the sting of defeat. Just remember at the end of the day: nobody’s paying you to win, and you still have a job if you lose. If hometown heroics were as important to them the way it is to you, the Dodgers would still be playing in Brooklyn. So the next time you decide to smash a table because of an interception, remember Guy Code’s list of fans who can’t handle losing by proxy. As long as you’re doing better than these sore losers, you’re doing alright. 


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