ELITE DAILY: ‘Overanalyzing’ Magazine Spoofs Cosmo

The latest from our friends and yours at Elite Daily is this spoof of Cosmopolitan magazine (and other ladies’ mags?) entitled Overanalyzing. First appearing in 2010 in a Cracked article called “Advice about Relationships,” the image recently resurfaced on Twitter when the popular user TechnicallyRon tweeted it:

From there, the Huffington Post took the image and ran it with a comment on the state of women’s magazines. Then Elite Daily added a little more analysis:

McGinley’s message is clear as well: these magazines may seem like they are crusaders for feminism, aiming to help women feel more empowered and free, yet all they are really doing is making their readers even more insecure than they already were.

Wait a second…McGinley? Brendan McGinley? Say, that’s me!

Great, now I’m writing about another site writing about another site writing about a tweet about a tumblog about an image from an article by me, and it’s like the entire internet just swallowed its whole tail, guys.

Anyway–some trivia behind this cover:

  • The picture of Ms. Hendricks is taken by L.A.-based photographer Stefanie Keenan, who was really nice about the whole thing.
  • I used this photo because it was the first one I could find of a celebrity with her arm on her hip, which is the Cosmo standard shot.
  • Christina Hendricks is a darn fine actress and so much more than an “epic prow.” She’s got that sharp personality we really admire here at the Man Cave. Curvaceous figures have nothing on a brilliant character.
  • This image was recreated for Cracked’s The De-Textbook, because photos and font usage rights eat up a book’s budget fast.
Photo: Man Cave Daily content © Cracked/Demand Media

Right there on page 78 if you’re curious
Photo: Man Cave Daily
content © Cracked/Demand Media

  • This page is my sole contribution to The De-Textbook and I don’t even know who to thank for doing such a nice job recreating it.
  • I will sign your copy of this book in blood if requested.
  • There’s also a spoof of Maxim that I did for the same article.
  • Nobody has commented on that one about the state of men’s magazines, empowerment, or socialization.
  • There’s also a Godey’s cover spoof that made no one but me laugh.
  • This is just my opinion, and I know we’re all built to absorb the messages broadcast at us by the media, but maybe a magazine can’t empower a group?
  • …And shouldn’t? If empowerment can be granted, it can be taken away. Possibly the only true empowerment is the one a group achieves for itself?
  • We should all have the goal of equality and help with it, though. Equality denied to some is equality denied to all.
  • It would be nice if everybody were taken as individual personalities rather than their census data or physical characteristics.
  • That probably won’t happen, but we should all keep working towards it to balance out all the people who won’t.

Anyway, I think that’s about the entire state of this weird reblog cycle. Hope you had a laugh.

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Brendan recently marveled at the future in How the Netherlands Made Highways Exciting (No, Really!).

"Welcome to the Netherlands! We're charming!"

“Welcome to the Netherlands! We’re charming!”

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