Wearable Tech Takes Over Your Life

Life is hard…tech is easy. So why shouldn’t you just clip a piece of hardware on and let it take care of you? We’re not talking SKYNET exactly — you might still need to check your smartphone for what’s going on — but pretty much those tiresome tasks and things that you had to do by hand can all go away because there’s AI to take care of them for you.  So that’s why we hit the Wearable Tech Expo — because everything here is absolutely real and just chomping at the bit to get hold of you and take over your daily routine.

It's always seeing -- pivothead SMART at the right

For example, consider having a second set of eyes implanted so you can wear two cool pairs of high-tech shades at once.
Photo: Marshal Rosenthal for Man Cave Daily

Pivothead Wearable Imaging

Having to remember things can give you a headache, so it’s better just to video everything you see and sort out your life when you get home. These Pivothead SMART sunglasses look like any ordinary pair, yet there’s an auto-focusing color camera seeing whatever you see. Or shoot photos — it’s all high-rez stored in memory or streamed through WiFi to a web browser or mobile app (controlled from your phone if you want). Modules attach to the frame to for increased battery time or storage, and there’s accessibility for running Android apps too. LEDs take the place of a HUD (heads-up display), btw.


Suck it, Google Glass.

Martian Martian Watches

You carry your wrist around with you all day, so it’s no big deal to have one of these stylish timepieces on it. But where the big deal comes in is that when a notification comes in, this watch blasts out an audio alert that’s loud and clear. Then use the built-in mic to respond, if you want, or check the OLED screen’s scrolling message if you’re the time. Otherwise just talk and let the watch take care of things: searching the web, setting reminders/appointments, listening and responding to text messages. Or, duh, making and taking phone calls. Voice commands make things easy, just remember to keep your throat lubricated at the local establishments (happy hour becomes even happier).

This smart watch can take more abuse than you can

How smart is this watch? So smart it comes from Mars.
Photo courtesy of Martian Watches

passport side bsb Wearable Tech Takes Over Your Life

Photo: courtesy of Martian Watches

Nex Band

Keeping up with your social life is hard…especially since it’s now 24/7 online. So stick this wristband on and let it handle the job: it’s the small mods attached that do all the work while you play by employing Bluetooth to connect to the cloud for real-time social, mobile and gaming notifications. Each mod does single-duty and works through patterned blinking and colors. And are customizable too, since they have their own individual I.D. Plus this high-tech “charm” bracelet, or “console on your wrist” if you prefer, has another secret: it can swap its mods with other users to completely change what you’re experiencing.

Carry your life on your wrist -- it ain't heavy

The next generation of charm bracelet.
Photo courtesy of Mighty Band

Misfit Shine

What makes this physical activity monitor different is that 1) you can stick it on a wristband or around your neck or on a clasp, and 2) a tap shows what it’s been monitoring with a series of LEDs. Lay it on the screen of the smartphone and it does the syncing so you can be lazy (lazier) as it tracks what you’re doing throughout the day. There’s no charging since the battery lasts for months and the only syncing is with your eyes looking at the results. Being water-resistant means you can clip it to your shoes when running through puddles, or left on your PJs when sleeping (and drooling) to see what your brains been up to when you were out.

No muss, no fuss lifestyle information

No muss, no fuss lifestyle information
Photo courtesy of Misfit Wearables

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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