Hide Your Light Under a Rock in ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #28

This is why nobody trusts Durlans. The shape-changing aliens are orchestrating a massive frame-up of the Green Lantern Corps, beginning by posing as Corps leader Hal Jordan and misrepresenting the GLs in broadcasts across the universe. Still smarting from their last ten crossovers, the Corps is low on morale, therefore low on will, and therefore low on power. Plus they’re trying to figure out if using their rings is undermining the universe.

Running on fumes, their best bet is to find their own Durlan, Von Daggle, who leads the Green Lanterns’ black ops unit, The Corpse. But since barely anyone knows he exists, let alone where to find him, it’s a tough task even if he’s looking like himself at the moment and not posing as another person.

Good thing the Lanterns have a Marine to call on in John Stewart. But though he’s used to finding targets in hostile, empty landscapes, he’s still got his work cut out for him…Van Jensen writes it taut, and Bernard Chang draws it tight.


How do you find a man who could be anyone, anywhere in the universe?


Being an interstellar Jason Bourne is almost exactly like being a homeless junkie.


What happens if we put that mollusk saliva on the ovaries?


Joke’s on you–brezzies are just another name for Starro! You’ve only made Bolphunga more powerful!


Dang, John Stewart just dropping speciesist statements left and right on this page.


Have these two ever met before?


Have a Howard Chaykin variant cover because we’re your favorite people.

To see why the Lantern books are so great these days, read our Review of Red Lanterns #22.

It's not a bad pun, either.

Love Guy Gardner or hate him, you’re going to want to read about him vomiting acidic blood.


Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

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Who can say no to the ol' 1-point perspective angle on a pistol?

Who can say no to the ol’ 1-point perspective angle on a pistol?

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