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Time-Wasting, Laziness-Inducing Future Tech

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Finally, a flying saucer with cup holders

Finally, a flying saucer with cup holders

DogBadge Writers Marshal Rosenthal
Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing...
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Everyone yearns for the technology of the future: in the 70’s we were supposed to be getting flying cars; in the 90’s personal robot assistants; weren’t we supposed to already be renting condominiums on Mars by now? Still, the 21st Century continues to astound with the most amazing collection of time-wasting, laziness inducing high-tech that can be imagined. The thing is — we’ll all want it. So here’s 5 scenarios, just minutes into the future, each requiring two amazing innovations that just need a bit of tweaking to increase their laziness quotient and makes the world a more luxurious place to be a part of.

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