Time-Wasting, Laziness-Inducing Future Tech

Everyone yearns for the technology of the future: in the 70’s we were supposed to be getting flying cars; in the 90’s personal robot assistants; weren’t we supposed to already be renting condominiums on Mars by now? Still, the 21st Century continues to astound with the most amazing collection of time-wasting, laziness inducing high-tech that can be imagined. The thing is — we’ll all want it. So here’s 5 scenarios, just minutes into the future, each requiring two amazing innovations that just need a bit of tweaking to increase their laziness quotient and makes the world a more luxurious place to be a part of.

Remote Takeout

The new Xbox Kinect can read you like a book and even monitors your body’s vital signs, so it should start interpreting those finger twitches and stomach grumbles and translate that into calling for a pizza, stat. Then it places an order, parks the DJI Phantom GPS Drone at the drive-through window, pick up the box and fly it into the backyard (it has a 22 mile range). If you can’t be bothered to get up, maybe the Roomba can bring the pizza in for you.

Now if it could just bring in the newspaper when it's raining

Now if it could just bring in the newspaper when it’s raining (credit: DJI)

Staying Social

Being social media savvy requires remembering where you were and what you were doing — a real headache! So just put on a wearable camera like the Narrative Clip and use its photographic memory to record everything that’s happening to you every 30 seconds. Meanwhile somebody else can keep tabs on you by checking in with the wristwatch you have on that’s sending out a GPS signal, like the RT101 GPS Watch locator which goes all distressed if you take it off.

It can remember what  you can't when you can't be bothered

It can remember what you can’t when you can’t be bothered (credit: Narrative)

Eating In

You want an egg quick, you want to stick as many as seven of them in something metallic and hi-tech, close the lid and tell it to do the heavy lifting. And it’s good to be able to make one egg soft, another medium or hard-boiled since making up one’s mind is tiring — that’s what a “smart” Egg Cooker is for. Meanwhile your phone’s app can make it easer to control and monitor what’s in the oven should you want something more elaborate, or decide to step out for a quick one — since the Dacor’s Discovery iQ Wall oven is another “smart” appliance that’s controllable with swipes of the finger and uses integrated WiFi.

A "smart" oven makes for dumb people

A “smart” oven makes for dumb people (credit: Dacor)


Making new friends takes effort — it’s easier to just talk to yourself. So just use one of the new hand-held scanners — like the Kinect for Windows —- to do a body scan and send it off to have a mini-me clone made from a company like Artec Group’s shapify.me that’s 1/20th in size but otherwise a perfect solid 3D duplicate. Then park both of your butts on the couch and start a conversation where you’ll never be wrong and always get in the last word.

Size DOES matter

Size DOES matter (credit: Artec Group)

Going for a Spin

Making a beer run becomes more bearable when the car in the garage is a personal VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) like the Moller Skycar. Sure you could have walked, but where’s the fun in that when you can fly instead and ignore all the stop signs and street lights? And to make sure to document where you’ve been, toss a 100+ megapixel WiFi-enabled panoramic ball like the Panono in the air that has dozens of camera modules on it that all shoot at the same time. That will make for a pic worth sharing.

Finally, a flying saucer with cup holders

Or get three and have dogfights. (credit: Moller International)

004 Time Wasting, Laziness Inducing Future Tech

(credit: Panono)

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

Marshal interviewed Stan Lee and Rylan Grayston, inventor of the $100 Peachy Printer.

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