Valentine’s Gifts for the Desperate and Creepy!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. An excuse, if an excuse was needed, for a bumbling romantic gesture to remind that special someone in your life that you’re capable of memorizing a calendar event.

For those of us in a relationship it’s a time to indulge in laughter and gift giving and togetherness– and it’s also a fleeting chance to further insulate yourself from the ever-pressing specter of unwanted singledom. After all, if a crummy card and a bunch of flowers can stand between you and a bleak and lonely future, abandoned in a crummy apartment, sitting with a troubled brow upon a throne of dead cats, then maybe it’s time to step up to the expectations of the season. So, if you’re choosing a gift then the pressure is on to think of something original, special and above all sincere. What’s that? Crazy is the new sincere? Well, you’re in luck, fella, ’cause it just so happens that the we’ve got more crazy than a bag full of top-hat wearing weasels.

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