Girl-Crush: Sylvana Joyce’s Valentine’s Day Mix

Remember that time we asked Sylvana Joyce (of “…and the Moment”) ten weird questions, and she was totally cool about the whole thing like we weren’t weird? That made us think we had a chance with her for Valentine’s Day.

Ha ha ha! Foolishness, of course. But how politely she declined our advances, offering instead to make us a playlist. That’s right–you don’t even have to mix a thoughtful album for the girl you like; she already assembled one for herself. That’s the portrait of a low-maintenance girlfriend. And they’re all musicians who inspire her, meaning you get a rare double-header of Hidden Influences and Girl Crush.

If there’s a flaw in the list that follows, it’s the one song she didn’t include: Her own hit,¬†“Trouble,” which we’re adding for ourselves, because no song makes us think of her more than…y’know, that song she wrote and sang. It’s a hip-swaying, heel-kicking, hellacious call to arms (and legs) for all you bad boys out there, who aren’t sitting around bothering her with weird questions. *sigh*…one day, we’ll buy that motorcycle. Then all the badassery will follow. But till that day,¬†take it away, Sylvana!


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