VIDEO: Syd Wilder Is Disgusted by Your American Weakness

Live from Russia, it’s Man Cave perennial favorite Syd Svetlana Wilder, doing for ushanka hats what ushanka hats usually do for the human head. Come to think of it, she’s having the same effect on us. Now we feel the need to get one of those hats. You win again, sex in advertising!

But for real winners, it’s comedy in sports reporting that takes home the gold. This time around, the foxy comedienne is reporting to you live from Sochi, explaining Russia’s sound strategies behind all the apparent deficiencies in the Olympic preparation. That urine-yellow tap water? It’s good for you. No heat? Bring your own. Stray dogs? Actually furry ambassadors from the head of state’s office. Turns out Russia has this Olympic thing pretty well stitched up–we just wish they had used anesthetic–which in Sochi, is probably a bottle of vodka and a look of scorn that you would need painkillers. Take it away, Syd.

What’s going on in New Jersey? Looks like our friend Syd Wilder is waking up to a Valentine’s Day surprise — alas, it’s not Cartier, but Kay, the “really good deal” that lets your special lady know you think she’s special…just not special enough to go all-out extravaganza on. Apparently every kiss begins with Kay, but every frenetic Valentine’s Day sex begins with Cartier.

Then again, the way this skit goes, Kay may be your jeweler of choice after all. Because if your marriage is in a state where your choice of jewelry can get you kicked out of bed, you have a better shot of going all-in for the angry, impassioned sex than the outside chance of amorous entanglement the ads are selling you. So if you want to approach out from the long curve, yeah, there’s an inflamed tryst waiting for the Kaygiver. Or maybe this is what sex is always like in New Jersey?

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Funny or Die

You're probably here because you can spell "Magdalena Frackowiak" but misspell "naked."

You’re probably here because you can spell “Magdalena Frackowiak” but misspell “naked.”

Brendan McGinley writes comedy and some great comics. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley

Arianny Celeste

Thank you, Mexico, for all you’ve given the world.

Brendan compiled 5 Weird Search Terms You Used to Get Here and undertook the difficult Mexican Independence Day task of celebrating with Twelve Beauties of Mexican Heritage.

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