Musicians Who Became Good After Their Popularity

If you think a music act sucks, few feelings are more satisfying than when they finally go away. No longer will you be bombarded by horrible sounds that you can easily avoid with just the tiniest bit of effort! Never again will anybody without sufficient talent make money in the recording industry! Huzzah!

That is, until they come back.
But here’s the interesting thing — for every dozen Smashmouths who make the exact same crappy sounds they did when they left years ago, there are those who see 15:01 on the clock and respond by evolving into real musicians, with eclectic styles and skill and things to say. Don’t those people deserve our respect and, at long last, out money?

Yeah, we know, that’s a silly question. We all know that the first impression is the only one that counts. Rebecca Black could come back in 2020 as a classical pianist on par with Beethoven himself, and people would still see her as “the ‘Friday’ girl.” Likewise, these also-rans are way better now than they were then, but because “then” entered our brains before “now,” “then” still reigns supreme. So sorry, “now.”

First up: the dumbest of the dumb…

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