Interview: ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Erica Rose

The thing about reality television is more often than not; you don’t really see all that much reality. Ironic, yeah? Take for instance the blonde-tiara-wearing Houston hopeful, Erica Rose, first seen on ABC’s The Bachelor, desperately wanting to fall in love with and marry a prince. She wore a tiara in every single segment, got into quite a few catfights with the other crazed contestants and came across…how do you say? Rather ditzy.

As a matter of fact, the first time I met the blonde bombshell was on a plane where I definitely put my foot in my mouth, via Twitter. But that’s just one example of many that Erica Rose has thick skin and a compassionate heart. She is that girl you’ve seen on many countless TV shows, but she’s much more than that.

Because Erica Rose is the furthest thing from a ditzy blonde. She doesn’t need a guy–prince or otherwise–to help her along her way. She’s more educated than most (she has her law degree) and a hell of a lot funnier than you’d ever imagine. You’ve had chances to see her on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad 2 and 3 on ABC and You’re Cut Off on VH1, but you still haven’t seen the Erica Rose that I get to see. So here you go:

MCD: You are a former reality TV star – what’s your day job now?

ER: Right now I’m working at an entertainment law firm in Venice Beach and getting my LLM (Masters of Law) in entertainment law at Southwestern.  I’m also the editor of the Biederman blog. Check out my first post. I plan on taking the California Bar in July so I can become a practicing entertainment attorney.

MCD: If you were stranded on an island, and there happened to be a TV and DVD collection, and you could only watch the exact same reality show over and over, what would it be?

ER: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! It’s my fave show and a secret aspiration of mine to one day be a real Housewife of BH. My fav on the show is Kyle because she always stays true to herself and is real and above the drama.

MCD: What would your intro be?

ER: I don’t invite drama into my life; it just seems to follow me everywhere I go.

No tarnish on that varnish

A gilded Rose: No tarnish on that varnish

MCD: In mainstream America, a “birthday suit” refers to being completely naked. For my birthday it’s a tight shirt and a tutu (yes, a tutu), what is your birthday suit?

ER: Sexy lingerie probably from Victoria’s Secret and a tiara from my line T-Erica.

MCD: If we Googled you, what’s the most embarrassing thing we’d see?

Oh definitely this really unflattering pic of me on Google images from August when I went to the Playboy Kandyland party. I was wearing this candy corset and tutu from trashy lingerie, but I was about 15 lbs overweight. Not a cute look. I’ve lost the weight but the pic unfortunately will be there forever.

Pictured: a tiara

Pictured: a tiara

MCD: Can you touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?

ER: I could before I got a nose job when I was 15.

MCD: Leather should only be worn/used for ____ .

ER: Absolutely everything! I love leather and think it can be used for absolutely everything! Is PETA going to get mad at me now?

MCD: If PETA did get mad, would you stop with the leather?

ER: I will never stop wearing leather or fur! Though I make an effort to only buy vintage furs.

MCD: Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

ER: My biggest New Year’s resolution was to clean up after myself more. I have a maid that comes once a week but besides that one day my place is a mess! After growing up with maids my entire life, cleaning up after myself is not something that comes naturally to me. I’ve gotten better at it, but it’s still a work in progress.

Next page: Fake or natural?

Rose in bloom

Rose in bloom

MCD: What’s the worst thing someone’s said about you on social media or in a blog comment? I know those trolls are out there – do you read them?

ER: The most common one I get is that my boobs are fake since my dad is a plastic surgeon; some even go as far to say that he did mine. It’s not a bad thing to have fake boobs, but mine are natural and my dad would never operate on me! I actually wanted a reduction a while ago, but he discouraged me from getting one.

MCD: But if your dad did the operation, it’d be free, right? Or is it just that weird to have your dad see your body parts and operate?

ER: Not only would I not let my dad operate, but he wouldn’t do it even if I wanted him to. He does do my Botox and lip injections though🙂

MCD: Long distance relationships? Yay or nay?

ER: Have had them, over them, they don’t work for me. If they work for someone else, more power to them!

Erica Rose at Hot in Hollywood

Erica Rose at Hot in Hollywood

MCD: I for one (as we’ve discussed) had totally WRONG stereotypical thoughts about you before meeting you. What’s the one thing people would be shocked to know about you?

ER: I’m naturally really shy! I think sometimes people misinterpret that to mean that I am snobby, but truthfully I’m not snobby at all. I think I’ve gotten over my shyness, but I have to go out of my way to be friendly to people so they don’t get the wrong impression of me.

MCD: Have you ever gone to a movie alone?

ER: All the time! But there are rules for going to a movie alone – it has to be during the day and not on a weekend. That way, you probably won’t run into anyone and you won’t feel weird about being there alone.

Erica Rose at the "Darling Companion" premiere

Erica Rose at the “Darling Companion” premiere

MCD: LA vs Houston?

ER: Houston for sure has better Mexican restaurants, hands-down. The LA traffic is a little worse, though Houston has gotten pretty bad. I think both cities have pride — I’m proud to be from Houston but proud that I live in LA. I like having where I live be a different place than I’m from. The rent is definitely higher in LA. I prefer the men in LA because I have more in common with them, but you can find cute guys in both cities.

The LA time zone is ideal for me because I’m a night owl. For me I love living in LA; just this past weekend I went to an OK! mag pre-Grammy party where I got to see a ton of my Bachelor friends and reality TV friends from other shows, and then I went to a Diane Von Furstenberg exhibit at the LACMA and got to meet Diane! You can’t really have experiences like that in Houston. But I love Houston, and am super-psyched to be coming home for Rodeo cook-off.

ER: Though, I have to say I prefer Rodeo Dr. In Bev Hills to the Houston livestock show and Rodeo.

MCD: Have you ever punched someone?

ER: I’ve never punched someone but I have spilled a drink on someone. He totally deserved it.

Jayme Lamm is a freelance sports and travel writer based in Houston and is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sports column, The Blonde Side. Follow her travels for sporting events and check her out on Twitter.

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