The Backward Logic of Ghost Hunting Shows

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In fact, don't call anyone, because ghosts aren't real. (Please don't hurt us for saying that, ghosts.)

In fact, don’t call anyone, because ghosts aren’t real. (Please don’t hurt us for saying that, ghosts.)

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Who doesn’t like a good scare every now and again? It’s human nature to look into the darkness with both fear and intrigue. Campfire tales, haunted houses, movie franchises that go on for 3 movies longer than they really should, America loves a good ghost story. However with the recent rise in ghost hunting shows over the years, it seems that most fall into the same traps over and over again. How they investigate and present evidence seems to be in direct contradiction to the very theories they explain at the top of every show. Here are five of the most common backwards theories followed by reasonable logic.

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