Murder Wears an Alien Face in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #29

The outlaw life isn’t for everyone. For every 10,000 fans of Sons of Anarchy, there’s only one who would enjoy living a life without laws, limits, legal protection, or lifelong friends who won’t shoot you if they get the least bit suspicious that you’re breaking their codes. Say…codes? Those sound like laws! And we live without…laws.

But that’s an article for another day. Right now, we’re enjoying a much more superpowered version of life on the fringe with the band of brawlers known as Red Hood & the Outlaws. Gathering a lot of his friends, the former Teen Titans, Batman’s replacement robin, Jason Todd, is enjoying an uncharacteristic bit of downtime.

Of course, in the bat-family, downtime means “Beating the #@!* out of some virtual aliens.” What he doesn’t know is that it’s about to pay off in the form of murderous xenocriminals coming to Earth…


We’re amazed Batman lets anyone run around with his symbol on their chest and two guns blazing.


This crew looks at least 50% unprofessional, which means it’s 100% unprofessional because pro crooks don’t do heists with amateurs.


“I just don’t like crystals very much, Kori, alright?”


His life got complicated after his death? Hold up, there’s an important step missing in that story!


Very few superheroes incorporate a baseball cap into their costume. This is their story.

A better question would be why did nobody stop you? Because seriously, there are no good words in the phrase “self-propelled, nuclear-powered smart bomb.”  We only wish at some point in our lives we had to choose between a career as an expert archer and crimefighter or a robotic explosives inventor.

For more alien-on-superhero-on-alien-superhero violence, including starjacking a spaceship, check out Wednesday’s Red Hood and the Outlaws #29!

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing superhero comics of his own or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

How not to make comics: be a plagiarizing tool. Find out more in Candy Crush Saga, Shia LaBeouf, and How Not to Create.

Art is no excuse for mistreating other people.

Art is no excuse for mistreating other people.


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