Angry Teen Proves to Be a Handful in ‘Red Lanterns’ #29

Every week DC sends us a preview, and every week we say, “Hey, that’s neat! But it needs more Guy Gardner and Charles Soule.”

So DC says to themselves, they says, “Oh YEAH, weisenheimer?” Then they send us Red Lanterns #29, which is written by Charles Soule and starring Guy Gardner. “Oh,” they add, “And Supergirl’s in there too, wielding a rage-fueled Red Lantern ring! Hah!” Then they chomp on a cigar, which is what you do when you’ve won an argument in the Man Cave.

Well guess what, DC? This needs more Guy Gardner and Charles Soule. Like, if every panel were just Guy making a ring construct of Charles Soule writing that very issue, and the whole issue could be stapled together to make a möbius strip of itself, that…that would possibly be enough. But until that’s a real, extant publication, this is pretty good. This is the DC book we want to read each month.

And hey, is this issue the best art we’ve seen from Alessandro Vitti yet, or what? Just check out the perspectives and energy in page 1, and it only gets better from there.


Superman’s fine with her joining the Red Lanterns, but that Kryptonian fabric was expensive!


You’ve gotta love a book where two demonic-looking aliens are the comic relief.


It’s a little late to start wearing a mask, Supergirl. Don’t you think?


This is why we can’t have nice things on our hellish, barren homeplanet.


Universe’s coolest dive bar found.


This is a group that commits murder with shocking regularity.
…is alcohol even going to do anything to that Kryptonian liver?

Hey, that’s Guy’s ring hand. You can’t ringlead if you can’t ring-sling.

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

For more Lanterny goodness, enjoy our preview of Threshold #5. Then put a sexy twist on Green Lantern with Ame-Comi Girls #3.

You’re under arrest…by the space police! Sexy crimes squad.

You’re under arrest…by the space police! Sexy crimes squad.

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