Badass Nintendo Villains Hall of Fame

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Donkey Kong's anger management classes never really paid off.

Donkey Kong’s anger management classes never really paid off.

biosize Steve Wetherell
Steve Wetherell, sometimes known as Steve Stevenson for tax purposes,...
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With a stable of lovable cartoon heroes, Nintendo is unquestionably the kid-friendly option in the games console market. But maybe this soft, doughy reputation of Nintendo’s is undeserved– after all, they can take credit for introducing the world to some of the most notorious video game villains in history. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at some of the vintage bad guy hall-of-famers that remind us you can’t spell “Kid Friendly” without “Fiend”… and “kidrly” I guess.First up: a heavy-hitter who’s “wildly” outclassed…

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