The Eye of the Hurricane Settles Over ‘Earth 2’ #22

What’s this? An email from DC! And it’s featuring alternate universe versions of your favorite characters. Who doesn’t love a good reimagining? In this world, Green Lantern is a geomancer, Superman is a corrupted agent of Apokolips, Wonder Woman and Batman are dead, and in the latter’s case, replaced, and half the planet has been killed. So you might say they’re playing for high stakes.

We’ve got a whole bunch of C-listers shacked up with Dr. Fate down where Superman can’t find them while they lick their wounds. Say…who licks wounds, anyway? That sounds like a fantastically bad way to treat an injury. It’s like “Here, bacteria, I brought you some food, and also more bacteria.”

Tom Taylor has experience at this kind of situation, having made the Injustice adaptation way better than it had any right to be. In that world, Superman was a benevolent-ish despot who had crushed the Earth into a grim dystopia. At least here the big red S has enough honesty to admit he’s here to conquer.

featurednofuss The Eye of the Hurricane Settles Over Earth 2 #22

“I’m doing this! For the betterment! Of mankind!”

Nicola Scott makes the whole thing look really good, with help from inker Trevor Scott (no relation). So let’s see what the Australian writer/artist combo has in store for us.


If you don’t know what a parademon is, just picture the bad guys from the Avengers, but with greener skin.



DC handed Tom Taylor an entire pocket continuity to blow things up in, and he has not shrunk from that responsibility.



Hey, Earth! Alan Scott had his chance and he blew it. Now it’s time to give that ring to somebody who can beat up Superman. Give us Green Bat-tern. You know in your core that it’s right.


Oh man, if that ring turns red right now, how cool would that be? Like he’s wielding the entire light spectrum?! …but that probably won’t happen.



…so, no red ring, then. Rats. Alright, moody teen Jimmy Olsen, looks like you’re shouldering this book’s full quota for red-tinted rage.


He’s a Kryptonian, she’s a resurrected reporter bound to become the next Red Tornado. Can these two cohabit a cave without fighting…or falling in love?

Hoo boy! Mountains of bones, the planet shattered,  and the few surviving resistance members in deep hiding. Grim stuff! Let’s let off that tension with a MAD variant cover:


This looks like it has to be a Fold-In, right? It’s not. That’s what happens on Earth 2. You have to learn to fold it out.

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

For more Lanterny goodness, enjoy charming and delightful comments on last week’s Red Lanterns #29.

Ho ho ho. Now the Red Lanterns have a Kryptonian.

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