4 Movie Tropes that Remind You Real Life Exists

It’s no big secret that action movies and TV shows require the suspension of disbelief for really most things that happen. If the movie’s good enough we’re usually well invested to the point that we don’t care that the exploding device probably shouldn’t have created such a huge fireball or that Batman was just bankrupt and he still somehow managed to get to a different country and obtain a very nice jacket on the way, after mending his broken spine by having a guy kick it.

Other times stuff can take you right out of whatever you’re watching. I’ve compiled a short list of the improbable happenings that take me out and unceremoniously throw me back into that awful real world, where we’re limited by physics and our soft, easily hurt bodies. Either you’ve thought of these already and you can join me in a nice pat on the back for being so observant or I’m about to ruin your favorite media.



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