Bird Advertising Takes Flight

One of the biggest complaints about advertising (besides it often lying about whatever it is taking about) is that it’s not “green” — paper and plastic and all kinds of paraphernalia used to promote a product taking up space best left unused and increasing the carbon “footprint” among other vile acts. So the beauty of Bird Flight Media comes from its harnessing of a natural resource for transporting and displaying banner advertising: birds.

With the same care as NASA preparing an astronaut, a bird is placed into its harness.

With the same care as NASA preparing an astronaut, a bird is placed into its harness.
(courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Yes our feathered friends have finally been put to work — no more loafing on electric lines or getting away with begging snacks from passerby’s in the park (or gathering in droves to attack people at a random notice, like in the Hitchcock movie, The Birds). By having avian pilots who come complete with their own transport system do the traveling — no gas or other propellant is necessary, it’s all wind power. Plus the method in which the harness that holds the banner securely to the bird is designed to gently float behind then during flight, and hang without discernible weight behind them when the animal isn’t in motion.

Bird Flight Media is the company’s name, and if you’d call them bird-brained for this scheme, well no doubt they’d take it as a compliment. According to their press release (as provided by PR Michael T. Garrison) the avian advertising service has already secured an initial private equity round of 2.5MM USD and, so they say, have signed up thousands of potential clients. The company provides expert analysis to aid the client in finding the best bird advertising format for their needs.

According to John Travis, Managing Director, the company has identified a niche in the North American market and “(we) are excited to be able to bring this environmentally sustainable and low carbon footprint form of advertising to the forefront.” “Our packages are comprehensive, including urban and long distance advertising campaigns utilizing the existing flight patterns of pigeons,” he added.

Hanging out at the corner, watching the traffic go by.

Hanging out at the corner, watching the traffic go by.
(courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Bird Flight Media employs a similar method as that used in the past with carrier pigeons, only in this case the trained birds being employed will adhere to travel patterns that will take them over urban locations at an altitude low enough for the messages they are caring to be viewed by those at street level (as well as those looking out windows of apartments, office buildings, etc.). The use of bird feeding stations at strategic locations along each route will help to insure the health and success of the birds as they make their way along a targeted predetermined route. The biodegradable banners, which are attached to the birds using a proprietary harness, are designed so as to not impede the birds in flight or cause any ruffling of feathers, both literally as well as figuratively among animal protection groups. In these trying times, taking the bread crumbs out of the mouths of hard-working avians is something not to be done.

Staunch workers of the sky.

Staunch workers of the sky.
(courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Offices for Bird Flight Media will require some flying around as they are being located across North America: in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.


Are billbirds the way of the future?
(courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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