Beware the Midnight Man in ‘Batgirl’ #30

Batgirl’s our kind of lady: she’s a librarian, a computer nerd, an MMA fighter, a redhead, and she prefers to wear skintight leather. So you’re really talking about a go-getter with huge brains and a willingness to embrace the weird: the total package.

Writer Marguerite Bennett sets us up with a nice exploration of a different part of Gotham: its paranormal side. (Or is it? We can’t tell. Our phone doesn’t have one of those fancy EMF readers that all the hip kids are using to detect threats these days.) And Robert Gill draws her vision with excellent composition, and some nice three-point perspective. Ain’t it keen to watch a talent at work? Batgirl #30 gives you not one, but two here. Bring that tally up to three with an explosive cover by Clay Mann, which is not the name of a Gotham supervillain, but a masterful artist. Veteran colorist Paul Mounts makes it all pop.

Oh, that’s not enough for you? Well excuuuuuse us. Have a variant cover by MAD artist Rick Tulka. There. Now you have nothing to complain about. But if you do…the Midnight Man will getcha.

Find out more on DC’s site.


…is his neck covered in blood? Batgirl, you kicked him too hard!


Wait a second…is this story giving us the recipe for how Marguerite Bennet wrote it? Because this seems like some kind of tricky meta-magic. The more you enjoy this issue, the more you feed its life-force and TOO LATE IT’S BEHIND YOU NOW!


These kids didn’t have a lot in common, but they all loved summoning dark entities from beyond. Although they got funding, they were denied club status because no faculty member would sponsor them.


The Midnight Man’s oath has a way better meter than most of the Lantern Corps do.


The Midnight Man doesn’t observe your archaic Daylight Savings Time.


We know what you’re thinking, but we swear it’s just poison ivy.

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Yo. We interviewed Mike Mignola on Hellboy’s 20th Anniversary and it was great, so you should read that like, five minutes ago.

Photo by Christine Mignola

Hellboy oh boy!


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