The 11 Most Embarrassing Championship Wins In Pro Wrestling History

For something as absurd as pro wrestling, most of their championships are decided in a somewhat-realistic manner. One athlete bests another thanks to superior power and athleticism, and walks around with a shiny belt until some skinny writer makes them give it to someone else.

Occasionally though, wrestling chucks that crap out the window, blatantly reminding us how fake their product is, and how dumb we are for watching it. This was never truer than during the late-90s and early 2000’s when, in the ongoing quest for ratings and headlines, supposedly prestigious championships were given to pretty much anyone who actively breathed oxygen. Those few years were both the most profitable in wrestling history and, in retrospect, the most humiliating to its fanbase.

Take any fat guy from any “America is way too obese” news segment, and imagine him winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, even though his feet barely left the ground. That still wouldn’t be as embarrassing as …

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