Savor Brooklyn’s Best Borger in ‘Harley Quinn’ #5

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This must be that alternative medicine everyone talks about. Okay, we can see the appeal.

This must be that alternative medicine everyone talks about. Okay, we can see the appeal.

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Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.
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Is Harley Quinn the DC Universe’s Deadpool? Hear us out: the similarities go beyond the red-and-black outfits. She’s mentally unstable, known to break the fourth wall, and hilarious in any setting. Both are wickedly, gleefully chaotic: agents of anarchy that try to walk the line but are inherently villainous. They’re basically cartoon characters in comic universes that take themselves more seriously–pinballing through continuity with nary a whit of regard for your grim ‘n’ gritty brooding.

There needs to be a blind date crossover between these two characters, is what we’re saying.

Both have risen from C-list status thanks to a combo of ace writers and killer artists giving them a strong new direction every time they get their own titles. Both suffered unrequited crushes on hopeless objects of their affection. And both are the books you should be reading.

So let’s do that right now with this preview of Harley Quinn #5 from those nice folks at DC! It’s written by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, who never disappoint, and drawn by Chad Hardin, whose style is just rubbery enough to fit this book’s madcap tone. Conner drew the cover, because a month without her art is a month without sunshine.


Boy, time has not been kind to Spider Jerusalem.




If you’re harassing cyborgs and Gotham supervillains, you plainly weren’t meant for the hooligan life.


Hollywood, if you were planning on adapting this storyline into film, Carl Reiner ain’t getting any younger. Just saying.


Hey, that guy stole TJ’s hat!


So what’s happening here is…uh…well, to be honest, we’re not sure, but now we REALLY NEED some popcorn.


Did you spot Napoleon?

Yeah, you’re gonna be after picking up Harley Quinn #5 now. If you’re lucky you can nab the Sergio Aragonés variant cover! That guy’s a legend.

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

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