Teams that Hated Their Cities: The Mapped Travels of NHL Franchises

The last time we brought you giant maps of the United States with arrows all over them, we were showing you where your NBA team really came from so that you could think twice before you say something bad about Minnesota or Rochester or Ohio or whatever hole your team originally came from because, chances are, where they started from isn’t where they ended up. Unless you’re a Miami Heat fan, which means you used to be a Magic or Hawks fan or you’re just a frontrunner altogether. There’s a special place in sports hell for all of you.

But basketball isn’t the only sport that had teams leap-frogging across the continent for more money, better stadiums, more money, better fans, and, yes, more money. The NHL has had a fair amount of teams leave cities, states, and even countries for a better life. Today, we map out the history of those erstwhile NHL franchises.

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