5 Free Online Comics More Fun Than Facebook

If you’ve ever refreshed Facebook you’re not using the internet right. It’s unlimited free entertainment, and the most interesting people on it are not other people who should also be working. People have been doing beautiful characters online for a long time, just for your amusement, and we’re not talking about porn. The internet comic book binge is an established tradition. A comic strip makes you laugh, you click on the arrow to “First,” and it’s suddenly five hours later. But because your brain has been filled with five years of fun so you’re actually earning time instead of wasting it.

Or you could keep clicking on Facebook posts, which does for your friendships what a UV light does for your toilet.

“If I find one more high school buddy being racist I'll have to seriously consider working.”

“If I find one more high school buddy being racist I’ll have to seriously consider working.”

The only problem is sifting comic gems from the endless river of guys sitting on couches wishing they were Penny Arcade. Or the screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog swearing, all the more depressing for being better than most recent Sonic games.

Which is why we’ve found five comics worth reading right now.

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