10 Weird Questions with Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is a gorgeous, funny woman who happens to be one the most genuinely nice, down-to-Earth celebrities I have ever met. She also happens to be one of the most successful female adult film stars in the entire world and apparently Cracked.com writer Felix Clay’s favorite person in the world. I’ve been a fan of Joanna for years, and also do video game reviews for her website, BurningAngel.com. As a result, I was able to get with her for a session of 10 Weird Questions (much thanks to Jennie, her webmaster, who set this interview up).

1. I saw you feature-dance once at La Boheme in Denver. Do you remember me? 

I don’t think so. Sorry!

2. You’re one of the most popular adult film stars in the world. How many people does someone like me have to nail before I can get an audition?

You can nail everyone in Denver and I still won’t give you an audition.

3. Your company, Burning Angel, has been called the Troma of the porn industry (by me). How do you deal with such a huge compliment?

I honestly don’t really know if that’s a compliment! However I will take it, with a smile. As long as people are paying to watch my movies, they can compare me to whoever and whatever they want!

4. What’s your favorite non-frog amphibious animal?

A salamander. Mostly because it is really fun to say salamander.

5. Has Bruce Campbell seen The Evil Head (Author’s note: this a porn parody of The Evil Dead)?

He made a comment about it on Twitter (if he does in fact run his own Twitter). He said something like, I never saw the movie but I heard it has a happy ending. Womp Womp.

6. I have a can of Play-Doh, sixteen paper clips, a loaf of moldy bread, a roll of Mentos, a box of McDonald’s cups and a scarf. Macguyver me up a sex toy.

Tie the scarf around yourself tightly, pour some coffee into the cup… and drink it… then click your heels three times and something sexual will happen! I promise. Just wait there. Also good luck finding the coffee.

7. Without revealing who it was from or what the topic of conversation was, tell us your last text message.

It said, “Are you available to do a scene on April 22nd.”

She's all kinds of crushable.

She’s all kinds of crushable.

8. Sarah Silverman walks up to you and says she wants to shoot a Jewish porn with you. You have to respond right on the spot. What do you do?

I would ask her to define what a Jewish porn was.

9. You are stuck in a prison cell with Miley Cyrus, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Sean Hayes, Larry the Cable Guy, Kristen Stewart and a Glock that has one round. How many seconds can you survive before you put a bullet in your own head?

If I have wine and WiFi I can survive just about anywhere.

10. In alternate timeline using the “Many Worlds” theory, the President is a drunken hobo and the currency is wooden nickels with Judd Hirsch’s photos on them. In this same timeline, what’s your job, and how respected is it?

I am still a pornographer in this universe and everyone thinks I am awesome. Except the Nazis… duh.

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Dustin Nichols is a freelance writer, most notably seen on Camel Clutch Blog, where he has reviewed nearly every single episode of WWE Smackdown since mid-2011. He also reviews TNA Impact every week, because he is a complete masochist and wants to save you the pain. When not busy writing new dialogue for the show Castle in his head, he can also be seen on The Geek Link where he discusses games and his obsession with Firefly. You can follow him on Twitter, look at his Facebook page, or even hire him as your personal trainer. Yep, he’s fit, too.

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