Our Top Picks from MacWorld/iWorld 2014

MacWorld/iWorld 2014 is over, but what’s new is just now coming out — or on the horizon. Because of the “i,” what there is to covet doesn’t just include stuff you can hold, but software/apps you can load into the computer/iPhone/iPad/touch and click or tap away at. Picking the best from what’s there wasn’t easy–but when is the good stuff ever?

First, the hardware…



What does your pet do when you’re away? Don’t just check up on them, interact with them instead. The wide-angle wireless camera means that streaming video is just an app-click away, and you can talk to them too, since there’s speakers in the cube. But to really get their juices going (and avoid them chewing up everything in sight), kick in the low-intensity laser and move it around so that the safe red beam becomes an object of attention. And sure you can snap pics or shoot video while they’re having fun (or being heavily peeved from the beam).

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