Real Life Consequences for Popular Conspiracy Theories

It's Global Tin Foil Hat Day...or so THEY would have you believe

Conspiracy theories are fun. Whether or not they end up being true is a whole other, way less fun field of study but there seem to be certain facts that get overlooked. If some of these widely believed conspiracy theories ended up being 100% true, then there are some real world consequences that need to be taken into account. 

Lizard People

Okay, technically they're amphibious reptoid merpeople.

Okay, technically they’re amphibious reptoid merpeople.

The Conspiracy:

It is a widely held belief that the people running the country are actually lizard hybrids breeding an army underneath the Earth’s surface to one day rise and take over. Some believe alien lizards interbred with humans, others believe these people are straight up aliens, but senators, politicians, lawmakers, and even the president are part of this DNA strand.

The Consequence:

Ok so let’s assume this is a real thing. Lizard people have been working on tax reform. One day they will come up from their underground lairs and rule the world because no one will have seen it coming. This is fine and well and all, but to thwart this uprising would be a lot more simple than an all out war. What would citizens have to do? For one, remember that lizards are cold-blooded which means they can only survive in warm climates. If people moved to colder locations, the Lizard People would lose any advantage they had. Problem solved! Well, at least until the mouse people stop getting used as bait.

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