Which beers are your favorite prospects?

You think you have it rough out there working 9-to-5 developing the next app that successfully identifies the closest happy hour with an open parking space out front? Think you deserve a day off for all the sweat and tears that you’ve poured into raising your four kids who all operate their own iPads while under the age of 5? Considered asking for a promotion after years of dedication at the internship you’ve had since you graduated from college seven years ago?

Don’t waste your time. The important work is being done behind closed doors by the owners and coaches of the real Americans — NFL coaches and owners. They’re spending hours a year considering which players will enhance their million dollar markets this May. And you, well you get to watch and judge their choices. But why not contribute a little yourself? Take a shot at drafting your own players with the only kind of draft that matters: the one with a “gh.’


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