Fight the Future in ‘Justice League 3000’ #7

Things were better in the old days. In the 21st century, the Justice League still had all their powers, Superman wasn’t amoral, and Green Lantern was a full six feet tall. Yes, those were good times. Nobler times…heroic, even. Certainly, yes, more obese times, and pop music had gotten pretty terrible, but those are small prices to pay to enjoy the protections of the full-fledged superheroes known as the Justice League.

These days–in the 31st century, as you no doubt know, since that is the era in which you are reading this article–the League is a shadow of its former self. See? There’s even a shadow right there on the cover of Justice League 3000 and it’s menacing the team. Um, we think that’s all the proof of concept anyone should need.

Now, who do we have to harangue to get a spoof of this cover?

It was the '80s. Collars and emotions ran high.

It was the ’80s. Collars and emotions ran high.

Okay, now on to your preview!


“We never should have welcomed Captain Shadowtalons into our ranks!”


Sure, you don’t HAVE to include jokes in every credit, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t.


“Superman, this is no time for Monty Python routines.”


Next stop: Space-Saṃsāra!


What threat is a mob to a guy who can turn oxygen to chlorine?

See the future in Justice League 3000 #7, out Wednesday!

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Brendan recently interviewed the Batman Eternal creators about how much fun they’re having and picked Pete Tomasi’s brain about Gotham.

Batman does what Batman wants.

They’re here to make a kickass Batman, and “Everyone Else is Boned.”



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