It’s a Radioactive Race in ‘Worlds’ Finest’ #24

Huntress and Power Girl: two of our favorite characters, now in one convenient title! Note that this title, long known as World’s Finest, is now Worlds’ Finest, since these superheroines are stranded here from another Earth (but they remain the best team in either reality).

Now if you’re not familiar with Earth 2, it’s not a fun place. Certainly not a world you’d want to zip home to at your first opportunity. But that’s why these two are heroes and you’re not, because while you’re sitting around in your cushy Earth 1 futon, thanking the stars that your world hasn’t been invaded by a New God tyrant named Darkseid, these two are putting the work in. They’re saving lives here, but trying to go home where their help is really needed, even though they’ll probably be murdered in an instant by a mind-controlled version of Superman.

Is there an Earth 4 where the "Forever Good" crossover is happening right now?

Is there an Earth 4 where the “Forever Good” crossover is happening right now?
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That’s a hero, friend. So let’s give them a big salute in this preview of Worlds’ Finest #24:


If Power Girl wants to go home to Earth 2, she’s going to have to leave behind her collection of fissile fuel rods!


As long as we’re dreaming of a perfect world, Huntress, she shouldn’t be fending off creepy frat boys, either.


This is neither Austin nor Allston, but it is aaaalllmost Boston. 
Hang on–what fell in the water?


If we had run-flat tires we wouldn’t be the kind of paranoid lunatic who stops for pretty hitchhikers.


Huntress, you cannot run down a car on foo–oh, it’s a Buick. Carry on.


Kirby crackle!

Find out what happens in Worlds’ Finest #24, out Wednesday!

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

Brendan recently interviewed the Batman Eternal creators about how much fun they’re having and picked Pete Tomasi’s brain about Gotham.

Batman does what Batman wants.

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