We Tried to Make Jayme Foxx Laugh

With us or at us, either would be fine

You like tattoos, don’t you? Of course you do. It was a silly question and I apologize profusely for asking it. Anyway, because you like tattoos we at Man Cave Daily thought it would be totally sugarballs if we sat down and talked with CMT’s fantabalish First Lady of tats, the host of Tattoo Titans, Ms. Jayme Foxx (Yes, we know, it’s not that one). This Jayme Foxx is a model turned reality show emcee. She also gets to sit at the cool kids table as interviewer of bands for Zippo Encore, the music festival. We were lucky enough to have her in our offices while she was in New York.

Man Cave Daily: So my first question to you is how often do you get confused with the other Jamie Foxx?

Jayme Foxx: All the time. I had a meeting recently with a TV network. When they came out they were like, Jamie Foxx? I was like, yeah. (Looks around) I thought it was someone else. I get the jokes like: “Oh, you were so good in Ray. We loved you in Django.” I get all of that, all those jokes.

MCD: Okay, cool. Have you ever tried getting into a club that way?

JF: No, but when I make reservations I’m like, “Uh, yes, four for Jayme Fox.” And they think I’m his assistant because I’m a female voice, so they’re like, “Yes, yes. Seven o’clock. That’s perfect. We’ll squeeze you in.”

MCD: Fantastic. Good for you. Now, how’d you get involved with Tattoo Titans?

JF: I did the cover of Inked magazine, May 2013. Joe Livecchi, one of the executives at CMT saw me at the train station on the magazine. He was like, “This is our girl!” Sought me out, I did the audition and they hired me the next day.

MCD: What is your overall background? I know you were a model before but did you study performance or broadcasting?

JF: No, not at all. I have the gift of gab. I had a big following on MySpace. MySpace was cool if anyone knows what that is [anymore]. I would post videos of my friends and I goofying off, talking silly. Altitude TV approached me–this was 2006-2007, they were like–“Hey, we want you to come in and do some green screen stuff for us. We think you’d be great.” I was like, “Ah, you know I’m not one of those model, actors, entrepreneurs. I’m cool, I’ll stick with modeling.”

So they pursued me. I thought well, I’ll go in and give it a go. When I went in a light bulb turned on inside me. It was so effortless and fluid: Oh, my God, I love this. So I started working for them, TV hosting. Modeling is number two now.

MCD: So you and Dane Cook are the only two people to get anything out of MySpace. Tell me about Zippo encore.

JF: Zippo Encore is obviously affiliated with Zippo Lighters. They’ve been around since 1932. They have a huge following. Anytime you see a lighter that clicks you think Zippo. You go to a concert the lights dim, you want the encore, put the lighter up…90% of people own Zippo lighters.They [Zippo] thought, wow let’s bring those two things together. So many people love music. So many people love Zippo. They launched the Zippo encore program.

What happens is, we team up with a bunch of bands, country, rock, indie. You name it. You go to these festivals where they are and buy their personally made custom Zippo lighters which is really cool because if you’re a big fan of say, Five Finger Death Punch and you’re like, “Oh wow, the lead singer sat down and drew this and Zippo created it.” Now, I can buy it and keep it in my pocket. When they play I can hold it up at their concert. That’s kind of the program, go to Facebook Zippo encore check out what dates [your favorite band] is going to be at, see what lighters we’re making and you can customize your own as well.

MCD: That’s your theme, right? Your tattoos are customized; the lighters are customized. You’re a customized person.

JF: You know, customizing your life is what it’s all about. You don’t want to have everything everyone else has. Your glasses are customized. My tattoos…hair color, things like that. Being creative and having your own spin on things is what people want. You can go on Zippo Encore and create your own customized Zippo lighter. You can have a red Zippo lighter in your pocket right now that could be all yours.

MCD: You even have your own customized diet. You are gluten-free. You went gluten-free to help with your illness?

JF: I have Hashimoto’s which is an immune disorder. When I eat gluten it attacks my thyroid gland. So I had to customize my lifestyle. Instead of taking medicine I’ll just not eat bread anymore. The gluten-free thing is something I’m a big advocate for. I should make a gluten-free Zippo lighter. [laughs]

MCD: I did a little research on you before this interview and one of the last videos I saw on your vlog was you saying your were going to do a rap video. How’d that go?

JF: I actually did it, if you search on Youtube, Gone Gluten Free you can see me and my friend, Lena. It went well I wrote all the lyrics myself in about 2 hours. I got all decked out and dressed up and I wrote the rap, I did it. I performed it. I am a woman of my word.

MCD: Are you going to send it to Kanye West? I know that’s why you did it; you didn’t like one of his raps?

JF: Well, it was for the “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” the Juicy Jay song. I was kind of making fun of how rap these days is like…back in the day it was amazing lyrics and really crappy beats now its amazing beats but crappy lyrics. They switched somehow. I [thought] anyone can write a rap. I’ll show you, I’ll do it. I did the same beat of “Bandz A Make Her Dance” and I wrote “Gone Gluten Free.”

MCD: All the contestants on Tattoo Titans mention being religious and family-oriented. Is that planned to go against the stereotype of people with tattoos?

JF: No, it wasn’t planned. Most people who are tattooed have that background. They’re families, they’re shop owners, they’re religious. Most of those people are regular old people who have jobs in tattooing. People have those stereotypes: if you have tattoos you don’t believe in religion, you’re not a family person. But that’s not true.

Between the auburn coif and the lighter we're looking at a literal red, hot Foxx.

Between the auburn coif and the lighter we’re looking at a literal red, hot Foxx.

MCD: How about prison tattoos, you ever have that on the show?

JF: No, not yet. We’ve had some people on the show [who I go] hmm, maybe they’ve had a few prison tattoos but no. No prison tattoos.

MCD: Maybe next time. Gotta work on that. Seems unfair.

JF: Yeah, season two.

MCD: In terms of the bands you’ve hung out with, who did you have a really grand time with?

JF: There were two, Rob Zombie was on Mayhem for Zippo Encore and Mastodon [drummer] Brann [Dailor], who was also on Zippo Encore for Mayhem. We rode a roller coaster and I am deathly afraid of roller coasters. Brann held a GoPro. The whole video is me squeezing… I have his shirt sleeve in a death grip. I was screaming. It was the scariest roller coaster. We got done, his shirt sleeve was stretched out with lipstick smears all over it. He was laughing the whole time. And then Rob Zombie was a great interview. He’s so smart, so talented. He has so many ideas for himself. It was cool to pick his brain, hear what he’s been through and what he will continue to do. That was amazing.

MCD: You mentioned in one of your video that you didn’t like going to clubs?

JF: I just feel like, the older I get the more it feels overrated. You get all dolled up, you buy a $20 drink and you just stand there. I’d rather sit on the couch and play with my dog. [Laughs.]

MCD: Monroe….

JF: Yeah, he’s the best.

MCD: What kind of dog is it?

JF: He’s a blue merle chihuahua. They’re kind of a rare breed, there are only like 10 in the United States that I’ve seen.

MCD: Has anyone around you ever lit any of their farts with a Zippo?

JF: No, they haven’t. But I’ll definitely try that on the next tour. I get people to do some crazy stuff. Like last week, at Counterpoint [music festival] this guy was like “I’m so tough,” and I said, do for four push-ups for me and he gets down on the ground and I’m like, “Calm down.”

MCD: Where is the most painful place you can get a tattoo?

JF: I’d say the inside of your arm, that’s pretty painful. I’d say the inside arm or the lower stomach, very tender.

MCD: I hear the back of your leg, the opposite side of your knee.

JF: I don’t have any tattoos on my legs. I don’t think that’s very feminine. I think legs are sexy. I think when girls tattoo them they look more rough, take away that sex appeal.

MCD: Oh, so you’re attacking women who…

JF: NO! I just personally don’t like them. I’m not attacking anyone. They can tattoo their face for all I care. I just wouldn’t tattoo my legs. I find them sexy just plain. Plain old plain.

Foxx would make a badass Terminator.

Foxx would make a badass Terminator.

MCD: When did you get your first tattoo?

JF: I was 17. I had a small star, a little black star on my stomach. I was really into tattoos but was afraid of what they feel like [to get one]. So I kind of thought, I’d get a small one, see what it feels like. And as soon as I did..it’s not that painful. And I love tattoos. When you’re born you can’t choose your hair color or eye color but with a tattoo it’s a permanent expression of who I am and what I care about on my body. I can pick the color, pick where it is. I love that. So I decided to get them all over my body.

MCD: Except your legs.

JF: Except my legs.

MCD: Did your parents freak out?

JF: For sure. The tattoo was small, half the size of a dime, but my parents are very conservative. My dad’s a businessman. My mom is a stay-at-home mom. [My mom said] “Oh my God, people are going to think you’re a drug dealer. People are going to think you’re in a gang.” My dad was little bit more understanding, letting me be expressive. He was, “Okay fine, just don’t go crazy.” After a while it’s such a part of me, they don’t see them anymore.

MCD: Have you ever tattooed anyone else?

JF: I’ve tattooed a lot of people, actually. Not like a professional tattoo. Not like a rose with a hat on it. But my good friend, Oliver Peck–who’s also on Ink Masters another tattoo show–I’ve tattooed him a couple of times. Like my name, little hearts and stuff on him and other people I’ve tattooed. But just for fun.

MCD: Since this is for Man Cave I have to ask this: what sort of dudes are you into?

JF: You know, people are like “Oh, I bet she’s must be into tattoo dudes.” I think out of all the boyfriends, three were tattoed. My last four boyfriends haven’t had any tattoos. I don’t know. I like guys that are nice, that aren’t jerks. If you can be funny and yourself, that’s attractive to me. If you’re genuinely comfortable with yourself that’s attractive.

MCD: No musicians?

JF: No, no. I respect what they do. I look up to them, but romatically? No. They’re gone so much and so am I. I’m gone so much for my job. We’d never see each other.

MCD: Okay, Kanye West. Would you?

JF: Would I what?

MCD: Would you do Kanye West.

JF: No, he’s not funny.

MCD: Would you do Jamie Foxx?

JF: That would be interesting because that would be like I was having sex with myself. No, I don’t think he’s that funny either.

MCD: What about Dane Cook?

JF: He’s not funny. [Laughs]

Also, there's slime, which makes some viewers uncomfortable.

No, Joe. No, this one is not.

Joe is the co-host of the Skeptiles podcast, star of his own YouTube channel and a stand up comedian, in other words, he’s horribly poor. You can follow him on Twitter @JoeLewisdixon where he can bore you or offend you depending upon your preference.

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We can accept the premise of mutant powers, but not a government that would persecute Michael Fassbender so long as any of its employees are heterosexual women.

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