ELITE DAILY: Don’t Give Up Hope of Finding Love

Elite Daily is there for you, chum. They were there for you when they pointed your lusty gaze in the direction of your female bro. They were there for you with the best relationship advice (which, surprisingly, was mine. I mean, have you see the wobbly path of my dating history?). And they’re here for you now, when you’ve given up on finding The One.

In a thoughtful essay, they not only show how you have to dust yourself off and go find her, but how you have to try even harder than before by being someone worth dating. The message is clear: if you act like a human being, and treat women like human beings instead of objects, you’ll be treated like that in kind. Maybe not right away, but eventually you’ll find the love of your life.

Or, you know, worst case scenario, you’ll come off classier than everyone you ever date.

Read it!



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