If Summer Blockbusters Were People at the Beach

Ah summer time. The season of barbecue, beach houses, and boardwalks. Of babes, boats, and beers. And most importantly, of bright lights. Whether they be from our galaxy’s closest star; one so powerful and awe inspiring that it rays threaten to melt the entirety of the planet, sending us into a new Ice Age where the few survivors live like fish trapped beneath the water’s surface. Or… they’re from Hollywood. Movies, yay! As the season of the summer blockbuster is already off to an impressive start–with the likes of Godzilla and X-Men already tearing up the record books–let’s take a look at what else Hollywood has to offer in the next couple months. And don’t worry if you’re not a movie-goer in the warmer months, this article has something for everyone. As long as they speak English and like potty humor. So… everyone cool. Without further ado, we present blockbusters by the way of beach-goers. A quick refresh on the movies or people you’ll definitely see in 2014.

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