Girlfriend Audition: Kirsty Hill

Kirsty Hill — you know her, right? Welsh-born, startling figure, performed in over 400 adult films before breaking into “mainstream” films like The Hungover Games, among others. We decided to stare her right in the, um, eye and ask her to be our girlfriend. Yeah right. But she did say she’d answer our burning questions. So Kirsty (or should we call you Sophie Dee?), rather than just flirting relentlessly at you, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to be the aggressor. So just pretend you spotted your ideal man at a cocktail party and have hit it off charmingly.


Do you often make the first move?

Not at all…I prefer the man to be honest.

Now that’s something that will take practice. Why do you make a good girlfriend?

Because I give my all into something I care about.

What do you expect of a boyfriend?

Respect, love, and honesty.

Courtesy of Kirsty Hill

Courtesy of Kirsty Hill

Practice, practice, practice…It’s our birthday and we don’t want you to make a big deal out of it. How do you surprise us?

By bringing a girl home with a cupcake.

Do we…do we have to choose between the girl and the cupcake? Also, that will make for a crowded bed. Do you hog the covers?

Yes! And all the pillows.

Guess we can find something else that’s soft to lie against. What’s a perfect Saturday night?

Playing arcade games, going to dinner, or watching a movie.

At least we know we can score on the first part. What’s the sweetest or sexiest thing you’ve ever done for a guy?

Licked his butt…. that is pretty nice of me!

We can get behind that. Who got a better deal in sex? Men or women?

Courtesy of Kirsty Hill

Courtesy of Kirsty Hill

Women…’cause men have to worry about getting or staying hard.

Not that we’d ever had that problem with Kirsty around.

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