Why Aren’t More Tequila Ads like This?

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s weird-ass ads. Especially speculative ads, like this one for Avion Tequila (or, if you prefer, (Tequila Avion). It’s a lovesong to every unremarkable dude who’s been ignored at the bar while the beautiful people get served around him. Let us tell you a secret about the beautiful people: most of them don’t know how to dance, or are afraid to make a spectacle of themselves. We once saw two fearless idiots bring a booze cruise full of young professionals to its knees by hitting the dance floor without shame. By the time they finished dominating the disco, the entire boat had joined them in the revelry — because nobody’s scared of getting laughed at if everyone’s looking at someone dancing even worse. The man without shame is the man without fear. And a man without fear is the one who’s going to be the life of the party.

So kudos to Taxman, and to director Ellen Houlihan for teaching men everywhere this very important lesson:


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