Andressa Urach Is a Good Problem to Have

by Evan Jankens

The World Cup isn’t my cup of tea. Really, nothing soccer-related does anything for me. There has never been anything about soccer that I have enjoyed except when Freddy Adu took the United States by storm in 2004. He quickly sizzled out, so there went my interest in soccer.

But I just discovered something that took my interest in the sport and the World Cup up a notch. Who knew that these reporters were going to be such smoke shows? One in particular caught my eye and her name is Andressa Urach, a former runner-up for Miss Butt Brazil.

Urach has made the news recently — not for how good a reporter she is — but how annoying she has become for Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to Yahoo Sports:

Urach, however, was removed from the premises after gaining access with a press credential on behalf of a Brazilian television station that she is working with. reports that security at Portugal’s camp had been enhanced since last week when a boy ran on the field to get Ronaldo’s autograph.

“I came to say good luck to (Ronaldo) and got kicked out!” Urach wrote on her social media accounts. “Whatever happened to freedom of expression?”

I see nothing wrong with getting a little attention from a former Miss Bumbum. Ah well, Ronaldo has more success with gorgeous models than I do so he may actually get annoyed.

Bumbum later. FIFA now.

Bumbum later. FIFA now.

Below are some of Urach’s finer Instagram photos:

To say the least, can we get some reporters like this in Detroit?


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