Blast to the Past in ‘Batman/Superman’ #12

Everybody wants to be Superman or Batman, but nobody wants to become an orphan in tragically preventable circumstances. In the latest issue of Batman/Superman we follow the world’s finest team to Earth 2, where Superman’s adoptive parents, at least, are alive. The hitch of the matter is they’re not even supposed to remember it. 

Alright, this is a winding thread, but we can follow it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in the hands of writer Greg Pak, whom you’ll remember as a more than capable storyteller. Come for the interdimensional iconic superhero adventure, stay for the double-entendre between elderly midwesterners. It’s got something for everyone! Especially you slash-fiction writers out there who feel there isn’t enough red-hot Kent banter that puts the sex in sexagenarian.

…y’know, we’re probably reading too much into that.

Tom Raney pencils your preview below. Ken Lashley splits the art duties with him for this issue. And life is good. For us the readers, that is, who get to enjoy it. It actually looks pretty miserable to be Batman & Superman right now. Again: dead parents.


Man, that Jae Lee sure knows how to craft a cover.


You mean more wrong than the fact that there’s a parallel Earth where you’re dead?


One of the best things the New 52 has done is to assert how large Darkseid looms over it.


Well…that was convenient.


We can’t help but feel there’s a hidden price for this.


Well, it was nice while it lasted.


Perhaps you’d enjoy a variant cover?


And of course the digital combo pack.


Heck yeah, DC Bombshells!

Cross dimensions with Batman/Superman #12, out this Wednesday! You can count on Greg Pak to keep the story clean and clear — he told us so himself in our interview:

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley. You’d probably enjoy his supervillain comic Heist, if you’re a fan of tarnished souls and brutal retribution. 

Down we go.

Crime pays.

Brendan recently interviewed the Batman Eternal creators about how much fun they’re having and quizzed Gail Simone on what makes for great character moments.

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