Why Blondes Make the Best Girlfriends

National Blonde Day brings us strange facts in favor of the fair-haired ones

National Blonde Day is a faux holiday created years ago to promote the film Legally Blonde 2. But who are we to question what nature hath given us? Society has placed a weird premium on blonde hair while simultaneously denigrating those who possess it as flighty and flirty. Are blondes really superior mate material? Are they really ditzy? Answer to both questions: No more than anyone else. The truth is, the best person to date is the one you enjoy life with.

BUT: if you are going to date a blonde, you should know they don’t go through life the same way other women do. Let’s examine some weird facts about those who have to navigate blonde…

Endangered species?

One possible reason for blondes” popularity is their scarcity. People see more value in rare and vanishing things. Which brings us to the myth that blondes are diminishing in number. Blondes, like redheads, occasionally suffer the urban legend that their recessive gene means they’re due for extinction.

That’s malarkey, because they managed to disseminate their original mutation in the first place. In fact, there’s even a model for why they’re sticking around, called the Hardy-Weinberg principle, and it was graphed by a mathematician and a gynecologist — interestingly enough, they diagnosed the probabilities separately, but at the exact same time, meaning at a certain point broad swaths of society really needed to know if they were going to suffer a flood of twins or a drought of fair-haired types.

This affords you an easy in if you’re a fair-haired type yourself: she’ll be thinking the entire time, how her children won’t be robbed of their blonde birthright.

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