VIDEO: Wilder Sex Fails with Syd Wilder

What’s sex with Syd Wilder like? Apparently more awkward than you ever imagined. The YouTube beauty & comedienne hosts her friends to share their most cringe-worthy capers. There are a lot of lessons to these stories: Focus on the task at hand. Keep animals out of the bedroom. Personal grooming should never be attempted while drunk.

But perhaps the biggest lesson is the one we learn by looking into our hearts: haven’t we all, in some way, thrown up during sex, whether in reality or inside, vomiting the red wine of our own sexual insecurities on the white bed of our partner’s projected virtues? No? Just us? Well…hell, this got awkward really fast. We swear we don’t have a small penis, so don’t go assuming that’s the insecurity we mean. Gosh, what is all this talk about undersized penises? You guys, like–you’re crazy, you’ve got a weird fixation, y’know? Your mind goes to those places just because a guy says he has a sexual insecurity that definitely isn’t a small penis. Ha ha ha, your mom would know we don’t, right guys? Guys? Ha ha. Ha. Ha.

Okay, let’s stop talking about small penises–no clue how that even came up, it’s like: ugh. It’s over. Move on–and watch the video:

Caution: NSFW language because…you know: it’s sex anecdotes on YouTube.

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Funny or Die

You're probably here because you can spell "Magdalena Frackowiak" but misspell "naked."

You’re probably here because you can spell “Magdalena Frackowiak” but misspell “naked.”

Brendan McGinley writes comedy and some great comics. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley

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