Get Raging Drunk in ‘Red Lanterns’ #33

Atrocitus is conducting a campaign of attrition against his former acolytes, the Red Lanterns. Seems the alien hemomancer thinks the rules don’t apply to him: he battled Guy Gardner for control of the rage-fueled ring-slingers, got his pink tush handed to him, and only clung to life because his cat (don’t ask) managed to make him an artificial heart. But he slaughtered a gigantic monster, stole its red ring, and returned for revenge. And frankly, the least believable portion of that passage is that a cat would care enough for its owner to save its life. 

Since anything’s possible in comics, we’re willing to suspend our disbelief and say that yes, some cats care for their owner’s well-being. But while the angry outcast is wreaking damage upon his one-time allies, where’s their leader? Guy Gardner is, uncharacteristically, asking for help, although much more characteristically drinking away his problems at a bar somewhere in space.

Who’s he call upon? None other than his former partner, the Marine sniper turned architect turned Green Lantern, John Stewart…


Hey, what’s with that lens flare? Is John wearing a second GL ring on his pinky? And does Gabe Eltaeb know his name is “Beatle” spelled backwards? These are the questions, people.


Guy Gardner has visited more space bars than any other character in pop culture.


“But you enjoyed character development 20 years ahead of him, so I went with you.”


If you could train an octopus to bartend, you’d have the greatest tiki bar in the universe.

This page is going to read a little funky, because we have to cut a double-page spread in two. Scroll down to read it full-size.

This page is going to read a little funky, because we have to cut a double-page spread in two. Scroll down to read it full-size.


Atrocitus is like, “You can’t kick me out of this band! I started it!” Then he smashes all their equipment to show them how much he doesn’t care.


Pictured: a thin line between love and hate.

Read the rest on Wednesday when Red Lanterns #33 drops like a red-hot hammer!

Brendan McGinley is editor round these parts when not writing comics or Cracked columns. You can say a neighborly hello to him on Twitter @BrendanMcGinley.

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Return in red. <em>(Credit: DC Comics)</em>

Return in red. (Credit: DC Comics)


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