The Scotch (Non-)Drinker’s Cheat Sheet

Want to learn the basics? We can help with that...

Unless you’ve been living as a hermit over the past few years (or aren’t an alcoholic), you may have noticed that scotch has become the latest rage at hipster bars all over the country. Nowadays, you can’t meet a man wearing suspenders and a handlebar mustache without seeing a scotch in his hand, too.

Maybe by now, you too have become a connoisseur of the “e”-less whisky. If so, congratulations, this article isn’t for you.

What if you know nothing about scotch, but are dying to learn everything about it? Nope, not for you, either.

No, this guide is for the regular beer-guzzling joe who doesn’t care much for scotch, who doesn’t plan to care much for scotch anytime soon, and who leers at scotch enthusiasts with a skeptical, beer-goggled eye. But he figures he’d like to know something about it, anyway. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like showing off their knowledge?

So, if this guy is you, let’s get started….

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