Watch The Rock Get Pranked by Smosh

Give The Rock this — he can laugh at himself.

When the comedic fellows at Smosh decided to prank him by dispatching Smosh founder Ian Hecox to a presser for Hercules, they set the rule for him that he had to say and do everything that his buddy Anthony Padilla ordered him to do. And since Anthony was safely ensconced in a hotel room far away, and since not even The Rock has the superpower to track radio waves back to their source (we think. He’s pretty close to Superman at this point), he had no fear of offending the wrestler-turned-action-star.

First, Hecox shows up dressed exactly like The Rock in his famous 1990s throwback picture, all leather, acid-wash denim, and fanny pack. But it’s what’s in the pack that leads to comedy. Fortunately, Johnson is an excellent sport, and even seems to be delighted by a change-up from all the usual questions about preparing for the role of Hercules. That, or he’s just unable to frown after spending time in close proximity to Irina Shayk.

After promising Johnson a present, he produces a water gun from his fanny pack, and makes a request…well, things get uncomfortable from there. More uncomfortable, at any rate. Look, a guy in a turtleneck and a leather fanny pack is trying to annoy a strongman, it was never going to be the charisma of Bogey and Bacall.

You can check out even funnier bonus material (NSFW) on Smosh.


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