Penultimate ‘Starlight’ Preview!

Mark Millar’s epic space adventure thunders towards its conclusion: Starlight #5, the penultimate chapter in the six-issue limited series, hits comic stores everywhere on August 13, featuring covers by Tommy Lee Edwards and one of the original founders of Image Comics, Rob Liefeld.

And if you’re in the mood to save a tree (who isn’t after watching Guardians of the Galaxy?) this issue will also be available through Image’s website as a digital download.

If you’re new to the Starlight universe, Mark has summarized the story as Buck Rogers meets Unforgiven–but if you’re all caught up, here is the official (more descriptive) synopsis of issue #5 from Image: “Duke and Space-Boy are hiding out in the jungles of Tantalus with the rebels, under the command of Tilda Starr, the former head of the Queen’s Imperial Guard. Their aim: to retake the capital and free the people from the Brotean invaders! But their numbers are tiny, their hope is running low, and new secrets are coming out about the tragedies of Space-Boy’s past.”

You can catch up with Millar on Twitter, and his official website–and you can also find series artist Goran Parlov tweeting as well.

Starlight #5–Five Page Preview


This is why we need self-flying hovercars.


It would be highly inappropriate if Kool-Aid Man burst through the wall right now, but gosh it would be funny.


You guys have jetpacks and you still use flying cars?!?


And thus was born…SPACE-BATMAN! ..hold up, is this planet Zur-En-Arrh?


That’s no way to talk to someone who just gave you five dollars.

All images courtesy of Mark Millar. MPH #1 is available tomorrow in comic shops everywhere.

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