Things Nobody Tells You About Studying Overseas

Back in 2003, I spent a semester studying in Florence, Italy (How to Get Hot Italian Girls’ Attention 101,) and traversing all across Europe on the weekends. I hit various towns in Italy, along with the Vatican, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Zurich, and Geneva. Though my favorite destination was probably the airport in Frankfurt Germany, where I was stranded for close to 10 hours because I missed my flight and nobody could be bothered with getting me on another one.

"Surely you can't be serious!" "Jawohl, und don't call me Shirley, Amerikaner."

“Surely you can’t be serious!”
“Jawohl, und don’t call me Shirley, Amerikaner.”

In addition to whatever crap my teachers were telling me, I learned a lot about how traveling abroad for a long period of time works. Things nobody bothered to tell me beforehand. Such as:

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