20 Albums Every Christian Teen Owned In The ’90s

I grew up in the ’90s and a big chunk of that was spent listening to Christian music since I grew up in a religious home. I find every day that, while I felt like the minority, so many people also grew up listening to the same albums as me. While some artists were much better than others, there was some surprisingly good music. Here are 20 albums every Christian teen owned in the ’90s.

1. Album: Jesus Freak

Artist: DC Talk
Year Released: 1995
Best Song: “Jesus Freak”

Why It Was Awesome: This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, but it completely revolutionized Christian music. It was finally cool to listen to it. Every track was near perfect and an honest, real look at what it’s like to struggle with your faith while coming to the realization that you are so far from perfect the idea of grace is astounding. It still holds up to this day.

2. Album: Jars of Clay

Artist: Jars of Clay
Year Released: 1995
Best Song: “Flood”

Why It Was Awesome: The entire album was solid throughout, but “Flood” crossed over like no other Christian rock song had before. I remember watching MTV with my friend all day waiting for it to play in the rotation. Plus, it was just a really good song with a great video.

3. Album: God’s Property

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Year Released: 1997
Best Song: “Stomp”

Why It Was Awesome: It’s a tossup between God’s Property and The Nu Nation Project as to which was bigger for his career, but “Stomp” was a monster hit that was completely infectious. Franklin found a way to keep his message intact while making it universally loved. That’s not an easy task, but he pulled it off brilliantly.

4. Album: Bloom

Artist: Audio Adrenaline
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: All of them?!

Why It Was Awesome: I don’t think people realize how great Audio Adrenaline was in the ’90s. Don’t Censor Me and Some Kind of Zombie could have easily made the list, but Bloom was a masterpiece. Unfortunately it came out around the same time as Jesus Freak so it found itself playing second fiddle quite often. That’s not a slam to Bloom as much as it shows what a juggernaut Jesus Freak was.

5. Album: Take Me To Your Leader

Artist: Newsboys
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “Breakfast/Lost the Plot”

Why It Was Awesome: With the exception of the song “Shine” I wasn’t a Newsboys fan outside of this album. It was smart, poignant, and, well…good. “Lost the Plot” is one of the most powerful songs you’ll hear.

6. Album: R.I.O.T.

Artist: Carman
Year Released: 1995
Best Song: “No Monsters”

Why It Was Awesome: Carman wasn’t the artist that you rolled down your windows and blasted while you were driving down the street. He made the songs that your youth group used for Easter plays. He paved the way for bands like DC Talk and will always be a legend in Christian music.

7. Album: Speechless

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman
Year Released: 1999
Best Song: “Dive”

Why It Was Awesome: Steven Curtis Chapman is interesting because he kept finding ways to reach a different age group and stay relevant while never denying his roots. Speechless was the album where he went from that guy your mom listens to, to someone that defies boundaries. You could listen to “Dive” in youth group or on Sunday morning.

8. Album: Third Day

Artist: Third Day
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “Consuming Fire”

Why It Was Awesome: Third Day became one of the biggest bands in Christian music in the 2000s, but their debut album was gritty and soulful to say the least. It had a fantastic unpolished feel that rivaled anything on the radio at the time. I still pop it in occasionally because it’s so superb.

9. Album: Supertones Strike Back

Artist: The O.C. Supertones
Year Released: 1997
Best Song: “Little Man”

Why It Was Awesome: What a fantastic album. Sure it was ska and with that you pretty much put an expiration date on yourself, but it had so much to say. There’s a passion in every lyrics that shows not a single track was written as filler, but has a clear and direct purpose.

10. Album: Kansas

Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Year Released: 1998
Best Song: “Martyrs & Thieves”

Why It Was Awesome: If you’ve never heard this album, go get it. Jennifer Knapp’s voice is timeless and this album exemplifies that so much. There’s a reason Toby Mac signed her to Gotee Records and broke up the hip hop-only vibe; she’s amazing.

11. Album: Skillet

Artist: Skillet
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “Gasoline

Why It Was Awesome: Skillet reinvented themselves so many times it’s hard to really compare their debut album with anything after it. This was my personal favorite because it was pure grunge rock. John L. Cooper’s voice resonated into the hearts of every fan and has been the backbone of the group for nearly 20 years.

12. Album: Extra-Ordinary

Artist: Johnny Q Public
Year Released: 1995
Best Song: “Body Be”

Why It Was Awesome: You may not have heard this one if you were big into Christian music in the late ’90s, but check out “Preacher’s Kid” and “Body Be” and you’ll understand why they were such a great band. Unfortunately they only put out one more album in 2000 before breaking up.

13. Album: Upbeats and Beatdowns

Artist: Five Iron Frenzy
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “I Feel Lucky”

Why It Was Awesome: You could just tell that Five Iron Frenzy had so much fun making music. That’s probably why they churned out so many albums in such a short period of time. Technically they were a ska band, but more than that, they were a band that knew how to have a good time in the studio and on stage.

14. Album: The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

Artist: P.O.D.
Year Released: 1999
Best Song: “Rock the Party (Off the Hook)”

Why It Was Awesome: Most fans were already hooked after Snuff the Punk and Brown were released, but Fundamental Elements thrust them directly into the mainstream spotlight. Ending the album with “Outkast” wrapped it up beautifully, like a perfect, hardcore bow.

15. Album: Plumb

Artist: Plumb
Year Released: 1997
Best Song: “Sobering (Don’t Turn Around)”

Why It Was Awesome: This was Plumb’s first album and quite possibly their best. It has moments that satisfy the rock crowd while staying grounded enough for even the most mild music listener. Plumb put out CandyCoatedWaterDrops a few years later and, once again, knocked it out of the park. It’s fantastic to know that they’re still making music today.

16. Album: Goldie’s Last Day

Artist: PFR
Year Released: 1993
Best Song: “Goldie’s Last Day”

Why It Was Awesome: PFR was a lethal combination of talent and style. So many artists during this time period were fun, but felt like a gimmick. There was no gimmick with PFR, except raw musical talent. Do yourself a favor and check out their greatest hits if you’re unfamiliar.

17. Album: God

Artist: Rebecca St. James
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “God”

Why It Was Awesome: Rebecca St. James was the pop star that didn’t dilute her message at all. “God” felt like just another top 40 song on the radio, except you were allowed to listen to it at church. Perfect!

18. Album: Sixpence None The Richer

Artist: Sixpence None The Richer
Year Released: 1997
Best Song: “Kiss Me”

Why It Was Awesome: Of course everyone knows and loves “Kiss Me,” but the real fans were well aware of Sixpence None the Richer when This Beautiful Mess came out and rocked the world. Don’t get me wrong, the self-titled album is great, but if you missed This Beautiful Mess, you’re missing out.

19. Album: Space

Artist: Bleach
Year Released: 1996
Best Song: “Epidermis Girl”

Why It Was Awesome: Bleach and Skillet debuted at the same time each got pushed heavily on Christian television. While they definitely both went different directions, Bleach kept their rock roots and put out great music for the next decade. They really don’t get much better than Space. It’s a solid album from top to bottom.

20. Album: The 90s

Artist: WOW
Year Released: 1999
Best Song: Too Many To Count

Why It Was Awesome: Before the days of Spotify or iTunes, you had to buy the whole album if you wanted to hear your favorite song. That is, until WOW came along. Wow The ’90s was a collection of the 30 best songs of the decade and included tracks from Avalon, Jaci Velasquez, Michael W. Smith, Point of Grace, Clay Crosse, and more. What else could you possibly need?

melissastetten 20 Albums Every Christian Teen Owned In The 90s

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Pictured: Pitcher

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