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Danny Pudi and Donald Glover of 'Community' Play 'Far Cry 4'

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is known for having lots of games blown up on big screens for everyone to see. But what about playing them — who gets to do that? Turns out that Danny Pudi (Abed) and Donald Glover (Troy) of Community does: they spent time at Ubisoft’s massive staging area trying out Far Cry 4, an open world first person shooter. How well did they do? Let’s ask about that and whatever else we can…

Man Cave Daily: Danny, are you old enough to be playing a game like Far Cry 4?

Danny Pudi: Hey, I’ve been playing 20-something for like 20 years now…and yes we were playing FC4 today, we got the demo in. What we like best about the game is the co-op feature so you can play with a buddy and the guys can both jump into a world together. That’s good since Donald and I don’t get to hang out as much as we’d like to — you can go attack a group of soldiers with an elephant, it’s wonderful.

Donald Glover: I like the free world aspect — this morning we were trying to decide whether to use the elephant to crash through or to sneak in — it’s cool to be able to strategize …

DP: I was hiding behind a wall while Donald was doing all the strategizing.

MCD: Do you prefer to play together or against each other?

Far Cry four at Ubisoft's booth at E3

Far Cry 4 at Ubisoft’s booth at E3.
(credit: Marshal Rosenthal for Man Cave Daily)

DP: You always start off playing together and then at some point you decide…

DG: …let’s just throw a grenade at the other guy

DP: You just gotta know when.

MCD: You ever play together online and have someone recognize your voices and just go weird?

DP: Well we both change our voices when we play online…

DG: Sometimes I play with a friend who’s a girl and have her do the talking for me.

Danny takes over doing the interview

Danny takes over doing the interview.
(credit: Marshal Rosenthal for Man Cave Daily)

DP: I don’t have any friends…who are girls, but that would be a great thing to do — let me ask the next question: So Donald, when you play do you play as Donald or not-Donald?

DG: I think I play like I’m 2% reduced fat Donald…

DP: We’re healthy video game players! We try not to play for more than a hour or two at a time and then go outdoors and do healthy activities

DG: Like running, and shake off the game and breathe that fresh free air.

MCD: Do you guys prefer realistic looking games or those that aren’t?

This is the game, in case you were wondering

This is the game, in case you were wondering
(credit: Ubisoft)

DG: There’s always going to be games that push the reality at you, and I enjoy those a lot, for example sports games. But I think there’s always going to be a place for games that don’t both trying to look realistic; games that rely on puzzle solving and stuff.

DP: I play Professor Layton a lot and it’s not real at all, but stylistically it’s fun and different. And I think that the games are getting more involved with the storytelling and so becoming more complex and cool. When that happens it’s okay to go into the story and to make it more real because it’s not being done as a way to get around being more interesting.

MCD: Donald, you’re really into music, according to Wikipedia…

Donald showing off his gaming abs

Donald showing off his gaming abs.
(credit: Marshal Rosenthal for Man Cave Daily)

DG: Solid source, solid source.

MCD: …do you want to see more of the kind of music you’re doing in video games?

DG: I’d love to score a video game. Danny got to put my music in his 30 for 30 short “Untucked.” It’s great to find ways for my music to be used out of context for things and I’d love to do more of that, actually. I think we do get to do something with the music for Far Cry 4, like maybe do a trailer or something.

Far Cry 4 will be available on the PlayStation3/4, Xbox One/360 and PC in Fall 2014

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Visit his website.

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