We see you have constructed a new line of comics.

‘Star Wars’ Editor Jordan D. White

The ’10s have been a big decade for Star Wars. After being sold to Disney, George Lucas’s cinematic epic finds itself remobilized in a big way, with films spated to hit as heavy and hard as […]


Well, we figured out how we want to die.

Death Becomes Her in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #34

Red Hood and the Outlaws has never suffered a lack of quality artists but this issue is downright resplendent in its pulchritude. Every component of the art: layout, linework, figurework, shading…the inks, the colors…DC should stick […]


Pictured: Only known photo of Joshua Hale Fiakov

Joshua Fialkov writer of ‘The Bunker’ [preview]

Like everyone else, I’ll take a chance at the comic store every now and then. I’ll roll the dice on an issue #1 if the cover looks interesting or if I heard something good about […]


"Ah, y'know, right now they're standing around in an orderly fashion not hurting anybody...I say we let this one play itself out as-is."

The Shape of Things Changes in ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #34

Not to armchair space-patrol, but the Green Lanterns are letting the Durlans run rings around them (nobody’s ever going to believe that pun was unintentional). The shadowy cabal of shape-shifting conspirators has been putting the Corps in […]


Kids get up to the craziest shenanigans.

‘Kick-Ass 3′ #8: The Last Issue of ‘Kick-Ass’ Ever!

On what was probably a snowy Canadian afternoon in early 2008 (if it was before June it’s safe to say it was snowing) I flung open the door to my favorite comic store and stepped […]


Pictured: turtle power  (credit: Thinkstock)

The Truth Behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Weapons

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: proof that you can make millions of dollars by throwing darts at a dictionary, as long as you cross out all the unradical words and replace darts with ninja stars. In […]



You Can’t Trust the Help in ‘Batman Eternal’ #18

Think you’re safe from the Bat just because you commit your crimes far from Gotham? You made two mistakes. The first is that no one is safe from Batman and his bat-family of bat-agents. The second was entering […]


Zatanna, you're the best in any reality.

Doomsday Is Upon Us in ‘Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse’

Dan Abnett’s having quite a week, what with that movie based on his work coming out this week and me never letting anyone forget he wrote Conspiracy 16 years ago. But those are both in the past, and it’s […]


Superman? More like Super-Ugly. #Burn #Notthatclever #Peoplewhosayhashtagaretheworstpeople

The Center Cannot Hold in ‘Action Comics’ #34

Doomsday is all brawn (and/or energy absorption). Brainiac is all brains (it’s in his name!) so how are you going to handle both of them ruining your world at once? This is exactly like grade […]


Batman gets larger with each ass he kicks, and he's been kicking ass for 75 years.

Say a Fast Goodbye in ‘Detective Comics’ Annual #3

Hey, man, c’mere. Whatcha looking for man, whattayouse need? Maybe some ice? Smoke? Herb? Ick? Don’t give us that look, you know what ick is. Icarus, baby, the newest stuff on the market. Turn you […]



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