"I have now allied three of your vertebrae with your trachea."

Barry Kitson: Building an ‘Empire’

Words like “legendary,” “epic,” and “amazing” are thrown around so haphazardly, it seems, that they’ve lost all meaning in everyday conversation. This was made all too clear when I was at Starbucks this morning, and […]


Based on our tongue-tied interview, their power is obviously to cloud mens' minds.

‘Powers’ Stars Logan Browning & Olesya Rulin

Forever and a week ago, there was an attempt to bring Powers, the ultra-gritty look at superpowers through a neo-noir filter, to the FX network. It even had a pilot filmed (which no one has ever […]


"Prepare yourselves...for a toilet so advanced that the innovations of Japan are but as child's play to one of New Genesis!"

Life Winds Away in ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’ #36

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans. Except in Soviet New Genesis, where plans are what happen while life is making other yous! White Lantern Kyle Rayner and his special lady Carol Ferris venture […]


It's always wise to heed Captain Marvel. That lady takes care of business.

Dating Advice from Superheroes

Who’s sexier than a superhero? It’s right there in the name: they’re super! They’re heroes! They can’t maintain a relationship! They’re the second-to-last people you would ever go to for dating advice. (The last, obviously, would […]


See the sunset? That means it's final.

‘Final Empire’ Combines Cosplay, Comic Art and Prose

Hey, you like all our comic coverage, right? For that, you can thank Blake Northcott, who conducts most of our interviews with the sequential talent here. And if you really want to thank her, you can […]


Whatever's going on here, we know we're not cool enough to be part of it.

Ed Piskor’s ‘Hip Hop Family Tree’

The sometimes controversial, historically accurate and wildly entertaining Hip Hop Family Tree–a comic strip by Ed Piskor–has been a mainstay at Boing Boing for several years. The weekly strip chronicles the birth of hip hop […]


Man Cave remains your leading source of Zombie Mario Porn tastes and trends.

Comic Character or Pornstar?

Comic character or pornstar?


Could we love Harley Quinn any more than this?

It’s Total Insanity in ‘New Suicide Squad’ #4

Been a long while since we’ve checked in with those lunatics in the Suicide Squad, but you’ll be happy to know this issue features one of comics’ most beloved face-to-faces in Deadshot vs. Deathstroke. Except Deadshot’s […]


We're still not certain that wasn't Chris Evans under that Bat-helmet.

Man Cave Daily at New York Comic Con

Last month fans, creators, celebrities, and the press all descended on New York’s Jacob Javits Center like a swarm of hungry, geeky locusts. One thing they all had in common was they were lucky enough to be […]


Tights and flights!

All Roads in the Multiverse Lead to ‘Smallville: Continuity’ Ch.11

For a tiny town, Smallville sure is the center of it all. Seems like just about every hero has passed through at some point. You’ve got a complete Justice League right there on the cover, including some […]



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