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Grant Morrison Monitors the Multiverse

I have this theory about the inception of Vertigo Comics. It’s that there’s a Holy Trinity of British writers: Alan Moore is a mass of beard that nobody ever sees but creates the groundwork for what’s to come. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is full of inspired […]


(Courtesy of Butcher Billy)

Artist Morphs Iconic Punk Musicians Into Classic Comic Superheroes

Here’s what Robert Smith would look like if he had superpowers.


Few #@*&s given = much $#!+ accomplished

Hidden Influences: ‘Gotham’ Writer Howard Chaykin

Gotham‘s Howard Chaykin is himself a hidden influence. The writer/artist embodied the ’80s in comics on both the independent comics scene and the gathering whirlwind that was the Big Two, DC and Marvel. Chaykin’s creator-owned American Flagg! was […]


When you actually understand the blackfish's anguished cries, this movie gets a lot more personal.

Lava and Let Lava in ‘Aquaman’ #40

Aquaman, Aquaman! Does whatever an aqua can! Spins a trident in his hand! Talks to fish, not tuna cans. Atlantean royalty Aquaman! 


Huge guns, rad mutants, and top-tier writing.

5 Reasons To Care About ‘X-Force’

Marvel has so many X-titles that it would be difficult to tell them apart even if they used the rest of the alphabet. In the early nineties Marvel’s publication list looked like someone trying to […]


Rose McIver's talent drives a show that's mostly laudable and will likely continue to improve.

Review: Is ‘iZombie’ Too Close to ‘Veronica Mars’?

iZombie is an intelligent, engaging, and exciting show with some genuine shocks, and characters who effectively keep us guessing as to their true motivations, only to make the audience want more when their intentions are […]


Lost, but never forgotten.

All Is Lost in ‘Teen Titans’ #8

What is it with the Teen Titans today, eh? They run around in silly clothes, they have weird nicknames, they’re always neck-deep in major, life-ruining drama…Hunh. Now that we think about it, being a superhero is exactly […]


One of the old west's many naked gunslingers.

10 Weird Questions: “High Moon” Writer David Gallaher

You all remember The Only Living Boy writer David Gallaher, right? Well now he’s back with the original webcomic that made his name: High Moon is the world’s premiere werewolf western. With a concept like […]


Just beautiful art, this stuff.

Let’s Get Weird in ‘Batwoman’ #40!

Things sure are getting strange in Gotham. Batwoman has contracted a nasty case of vampirism, which leaves her prone to blackouts in which she somehow gets even vampier than usual for a woman who prowls the city dressed […]


This is adorable.

Archie/Predator Crossover Cooler than We’ll Ever Be

Don’t let his boy-next-door exterior fool you. Freckleface Archie Andrews is getting edgier than you ever were in high school. We’ve enumerated Archie’s forward-looking qualities in our interview with Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics (who actually enumerated […]