Good Friday took an ugly turn pretty fast.

Scott Allie’s Commentary on ‘Baltimore: The Wolf and the Apostle’ #1

It’s October! And what better way to spook the bejeez out of ourselves than with a good ol’ fashioned werewolf yarn? No better way, that’s what!  As part of Dark Horse’s “13 Days of Hellboy” […]


Of course modern animal rights extremists use a pneumatic hammer to take apart the capitalist hegemony painlessly.

Review: ‘Critical Hit’ #1 is a Knockout

With Critical Hit, writer Matt Miner returns to the world he created in his Kickstarter-funded series Liberator and its sequel, Salvation of the Innocents (a two-issue collaboration with the legendary hardcore band Earth Crisis). Jeanette and […]


Five minutes after finishing that painting, Edward Hopper burned the whole place to the ground, saying "Reality could never match the perfection of art."

Find the Answers in ‘American Vampire: Second Cycle’ #5

Vampires have been done to death, and by nature, after death. Or maybe just undeath. Look, the taxonomy is beyond us. Or to put it in vampire-speak, it remains unknown, for we have not tasted the […]


If you have enemies with names like Lord Death Man and Professor Gorilla, you're living a way cooler life than anybody you know.

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga

If there’s one thing the ’90s taught us, it’s that kids just love Batman and manga. And the ’00s. And the ’10s. Actually…it may just be that everybody, everywhere, forever, loves Batman and manga. We’d […]


This...this is gonna be a good'un.

“Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie: Future’s End” #1

…Man. Look at it up there. That is the longest title we have ever seen on a comic book. But it’s from Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, so it’s got to be aces, right? And […]


#@^& yeah, "Love & Rockets" shirt!

Hidden Influences: ‘Sex and Violence’ Writer Jimmy Palmiotti

We’re unabashed fans of comic writer Jimmy Palmiotti around these parts (and what would we have to be abashed about? Nuthin’! The man was story consultant on Injustice: Gods Among Us for crying out loud), so […]



Long Beach Comic Con Cosplay Schedule

Boy, is there a lot of cosplay happening at this year’s Long Beach Comic Con, and if last year’s showing is any evidence, it’s going to be a good’un! Don’t believe us? Just take a […]


Man, that's hot. that supposed to be hot?

Never Turn Your Back on an Angry Wonder Woman (Preview)

Wonder Woman has benefitted the most of any character in DC’s New 52. She received the biggest overhaul of DC’s popular characters, and the one most befitting of the character’s growth from the ’40s to the […]


The best possible way to learn to play bones.

Genzoman: A Modern-Day Frazetta?

It may seem way too bold to say that Gonzalo Ordóñez “Genzoman” Arias is a modern-day Frank Frazetta, but there are many overlaps. Though they have differing art styles, both of these creators depict over-the-top fantasy images that […]


And this isn't even the biggest fight in this issue!

Fear Trumps Resolve in ‘Injustice: Year Two’ Chapter 22

As you know, we’re avowed fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This series is so good we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually got incorporated into the multiverse of continuities that DC Comics is currently mapping. But […]



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