"Daddy's lil' monster" is exactly the shirt you'd expect a girl to wear if her boyfriend has "Damaged" tattooed on his forehead.

Excerpts from the Leaked Suicide Squad Script

We won’t see Suicide Squad until it hits theaters next summer, but fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on any images or footage they can find. Well, we found the next best […]


Don't tell Batman he carries a gun.

Grayson Writers Tom King & Tim Seeley

Grayson is everything a comic book should be. Fun, smart, and tighter than a Ramones single, it’s far fresher than another story about a dashing spy ought to be, even when set in a superhero […]


Grant Gustin Flash new costume

Grant Gustin S.2 Flash Costume REVEALED!

Grant Gustin is still the Flash, and that costume is still nifty. But it’s been updated and we’ve got a first look at the picture of Barry Allen’s new threads. Enjoy! The Flash will return […]


It's raining (star)men! Hallelujah!

Supergirl Lands in ‘Justice League 3001′ #2

So Starro the Conqueror recently returned to bedevil the 31st century incarnation of the Justice League, and if none of that makes sense to you, just roll with it and we’ll explain.


The Gathering of the Juggalos will never be this great.

Gang of Harleys is Nerd Heaven

The two costumes you can count on seeing at comic book conventions are Deadpool and Harley Quinn, because we keep telling you guys they’re the same character. Well DC only owns the prettier one, so they […]


These are Fantastic drinks.

The Fantastic Four Explained by Cocktails

The Fantastic Four are hoping the fourth time’s a charm with their latest movie, and when something involves a brute trying to clobber others, a guy insisting he’s long, and women disappearing altogether, you know […]


Look out! Here comes Ant-Man with an army of ants!

Ant-Man’s 6 Most Idiotic Moments

The only worse sign than a movie poster saying “Ant-Man” is “even the movie’s own director can’t sit through what happened to it.” We don’t know what Marvel did to the movie, but when you […]


Machine accomplished, Squad!

Build a New World in ‘New Suicide Squad’ #10

America’s birthday isn’t all fun and games and beer and steak. But the parts that aren’t allow us to enjoy the parts that are. What better way to celebrate this weekend’s festivities than by showing your appreciation […]


Turning into Doomsday's alright, but a way better power for a teenager to have would be to turn into Skip Day.

It’s Super-Dodgeball Time in ‘Doomed’ #2

Doomed: we’ve all been it. For some, it’s facing another day of high school. For others it’s loathing themselves because of the kind of person they’ve become. And for still others, it’s knowing that the world’s greatest hero would […]