Well, that's our sleep for the night eliminated.

Reveal Your True Self in ‘Bodies’ #8

If you’re missing out on Bodies, we can’t be friends. It’s a murder mystery spanning centuries across London, involving Jack the Ripper, a post-apocalyptic future, ancient god cults, modern-day political party yahoos, and probably fish […]


Up, up and down the hatch!

Comic Book Beers You Must Try

As reported by our pals at Live 105, Rogue Brewing just released a Hellboy beer in honor of the beast’s 21st birthday. Hooray! You’re old enough to drink now, Hellboy! The red ale (of course. What […]


Red coats, gray hands

Trust No Authority in ‘Rebels’ #1

Brian Wood humanized Vikings in Northlanders long before History Channel ever thought to, and better than they ever knew how to. Now he’s turning his horcrux of historical humanism to Colonial America, and the New World comes to […]



Hellboy Turns 21 And Gets A Rogue Ale Named In His Honor

Mike Mignola’s iconic comic book character Hellboy has just turned 21 and in honor of the occasion Oregon’s Rogue Ales has launched a Hellboy themed brew.


Sure, this seems painful, but guys--it will build the sickest core FAST.

Redemption Has a High Price in ‘Trinity of Sin’ #5

Is there anyone more qualified to write about the afterlife than J.M. DeMatteiss? The comics scribe has tackled spirituality, morality, and mortality in his comics for almost 40 years. Unfortunately for the Trinity of Sin, committers […]


Yeesh. If that's what the rest of the Sarlacc looks like, no wonder he found the loneliest spot in the galaxy and buried himself.

Shape the Future in ‘Justice League United’ #9

Canada’s population is 35.16 million–but when you subtract moose from that number it’s much more manageable. Plus, Canadians are polite, so they have less violent crime than the United States. There, those are the two biggest […]


Johnny Zito Hidden Influences American Exorcist

Hidden Influences: Johnny Zito

What do we love? Horror! How do we love it? A product of other people who love it! That’s why we asked American Exorcist whirlwind Johnny Zito for a peek into what makes an indie […]


May we suggest a mask that covers up your identifying scars?

Review: ‘The Black Hood’ #1

The Black Hood begins with a declarative statement: annihilating everything readers might know about the character (although it’s possibly still trading on the story established during DC’s Impact continuity. Insinuating itself in the gritty corners of Philadelphia that […]


FeaturedNoFuss copy

Violence Will Spiral Out of Control in ‘Grayson’ #7

Holy dead families, Batman! We’re going to have to change our name to Man Cave Seeley, because after yesterday’s interview with the prolific talent about Effigy, and the week before about Grayson, DC’s, sending us a preview of […]


Half woman, half pop icon, all cop.

‘Effigy’ Writer Tim Seeley

Man, no sooner did we schedule our interview with Tim Seeley than DC asked us if we’d like to talk with him about his new title for Vertigo, Effigy. Two weeks of Seeley back to back? Can […]



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