Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate should have a magical jazz hands competition.

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs in ‘Dr. Fate’ #1

Dr. Fate is a lot like typical Fates, but is licensed to administer medications and perform surgery and/or magic spells. The good doctor is actually a Lord of Order, a big ol’ cosmic muckety-muck that surfs mortal bodies […]


"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to endure as a cultural icon for another six decades."

3 Common Pop Culture Questions Answered

Pop culture is full of annoying questions that never seem to get answered. Why do the Transformers turn into trucks instead of cruise missiles? Why doesn’t John McClane retire? It’s questions like these that simultaneously […]


He's certainly a comedic genius.

5 Dinosaurs Too Awesome to Be Trapped in Jurassic World

Jurassic World is on the way, and it’s even more anachronistic than ever. It feels more dated because the original movie was 22 years ago than because the original era was 140 million. But dinosaurs are […]


Just a couple of good ol' boys, never meaning no harm unless you are a criminal, in which case you are surely dead or maimed. But with a roguish smile, and that's what counts.

Things Heat Up in ‘Red Hood/Arsenal’ #1

Red Hood and the Outla–excuse us, that is, Red Hood/ Arsenal. These two edgy sidekicks are out there kicking ass and not even stopping to take names. What was formerly The Outlaws is now two bros–partners, really, […]


STAR WARS #5 (Marvel Entertainment)

Uh Oh. Looks Like Han Solo Was Married All Along!

We all knew that Han Solo was a bit of a rogue and a playboy but we didn’t know that Han already had a better half named Sana Solo.


This is not a picture of Robert Venditti. At least--yikes, we hope not.

Robert Vendetti on Valiant’s “Book of Death”

I had the chance to chat with comic book writer Robert Venditti, who is a veteran of Valiant and DC Comics. Most notably he’s worked on The Flash, Green Lantern and X-O Manowar, and now, […]



Witness the Birth of War in ‘Unity’ #19

If you found a way to kill all anyone older than 125 in the Valiant Universe, you’d eliminate most of the threats to the world. If it’s not immortals, time-travelers, cloned mad scientists, voodoo loa, death gods, or relativistically preserved Gallic […]


Tough to sneak up on people when you glow, but that's why Lobo is the best.

‘Lobo’ #7 Is Literally Mind-Blowing

Of all characters in DC Comics’ New 52 reboot, Lobo has surely undergone the biggest shift. The character who once began as a spoof of how ludicrous Wolverine was (back in the day when Marvel’s mutant could […]


Suiciders 4 preview

Lee Bermejo on ‘Suiciders’ & ‘We Are Robin’

If comics have a Baroque master, it’s Lee Bermejo, whose style defies the evolutionary taxonomy of other top-selling talent. Long before Batman ever donned thick but dynamic battle armor in video games and movies, he did so in Bermejo’s art. The […]


That's a lot of bullet holes for a hand-to-hand combat tournament.

Prepare for War in ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Ch. 21

Mortal Kombat! The very name compels one to shriek martial arts noises, shout “Finish him!” and then pull out someone’s spine. Okay! Whoa! Maybe not that last part. But the rest for sure. DC sent […]